Our Mission and Vision

Hello Beauties!

We have been getting so many questions about us that we have decided to dedicate one whole post to share the vision and mission of this online magazine! ^_^ 

Our Vision
The team at RxR endeavours to rock your world and tell your stories! We want to provide a stage--your stage--to feature YOU as a rockstar. We aspire to be your daily vitamin for the mind, heart and soul!

Our Mission
We set up RxR Magazine because we know that as women, we draw strength best from fellow women whom we can relate to. This essential voice-- unfortunately-- is currently underrepresented in the online world and we aim to bridge that gap.

What do we mean?  Take a mother for instance.

Before becoming a mummy, you might be a successful highflyer. You might be the prettiest, sexiest and most career-oriented woman ever, travelling freely on frequent vacations and extended honeymoons with your husband. You might be the hottest chio bu at the club. You are free to do whatever you want, wherever you want. You actually do sleep.

Then, the child came and your "Me" time exponentially decreased. Your boobs were mutilated, your skin start to sag. You start to doubt if you would ever screw your child's life up. You start to worry every moment for your husband and child. Responsibilities pile up, life changes, and motherhood never ends, not even when your child grows up!

Tell us-- who can you best draw strength from?

A celebrity or a famous blogger with endless paid sponsorships and therefore requires to care about her image all the time?  Or would it be your fellow neighbour, also a mummy who understands exactly what you are doing, and reassures you that even though you are not perfect, you are still doing fine?

Or take a working lady for instance.

Upon graduation, you are lost. You are worried about office politics, career progression, backstabbing at the office, not fitting into the company's culture. You have no idea what to wear, whether your non-designer bag looks cheap when seemingly, everyone else is carrying a designer bag. You are overworked, but perhaps too afraid to protest in the competitive office environment in Singapore. You have no idea how to do a salary negotiation.

Tell us again-- who can you best draw strength from?

Another celebrity, a famous/pretty/rich blogger, who have a PR/Marketing team to take care of such issues for her, and would always portray her in a positive light to that extent that she always appears as a saint? Or a lady who isn't perfect, not necessarily always nice, but have smart ideas of how to help you in your situation, because she has been through it herself?

The key word here is empathy, and we want to feature women in your daily lives right here on RachxRella. We want to rock your world and tell your stories!

On this website, you would find interviews with women from all walks of life. You will also find our top-rated charming and witty RxRated guides. And if that's not enough, you'd also find posts on advice, tips, and editorial recommendations on down-to-earth issues. Yes, issues that actually matter, and not just all about looks!

"Why would amazing and inspirational ladies not start their own magazines already?" You might wonder.

Good question! There are various reasons. Most of the time it is because they are humble, thinking that their life stories are insignificant. Or it is perhaps a practical reason-- they would rather their actions speak louder than words, and hence are too busy making a difference in YOUR life than to PR about themselves. Or perhaps they don't know how to go about blogging to truly make their voice heard, and make a difference in the world. 

And that to us, is why RxR is so unique. Because we are a non-profit magazine, you can be sure that our posts are 100% honest. We don't feature any brands we don't like. And YOU can be assured that you are always at the top priority! Let's create a unified voice together!

This is our mission and vision and we hope you identify with it as much as we do!