[Aruna the SUPERMOM!] My Beautiful Goa

Hi fellow RxRaters! This is Aruna thesupermom reporting live! ^-^

Some people look for a beautiful place, Others make a place beautiful. I am so lucky I was bought up in a beautiful state of India called GOA.

Located in West India in the region known as the Konkan, Goa is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese.

The globally famous holiday destination Goa is referred as the land of sun and sand due to its breathtakingly beautiful golden beaches. The 125 Km of Goan coastline is dotted with numerous palm fringed sandy beaches. There are about 39 beaches in Goa which are categorized as North Goa beaches and South Goa beaches which are the most significant aspects of development of tourism industry in Goa. The beaches of both these regions have different charm and character. The beaches of North Goa are enchantingly beautiful, full of fun frolic activities and adventure. Some of the beaches of North Goa include Candolim, Bambolim, Baga, Vagator, Dona Paula etc. These beaches are famous for their night beach parties, sports activities and carnivals that make them a big hit among the tourist. On the other hand the South Goa beaches are peaceful and quiet and are considered to be an ideal place for peaceful vacation. The beaches of south Goa are not a regular with parties and hangouts. These beaches are preferred by the travelers who want an escape from the hectic mundane life and try to release the stress and tensions in the lap of therapeutic natural surroundings.

We go to Goa mainly in May or June since that is the time we get our famous seasonal fruits like Mangoes and Jack fruit. They are really delicious and the waft of the fruit can be felt from every house.  These are the harvest from my Mom-in-laws place. She always saves the good stuff for us to enjoy when we go down on holiday.


The mangoes we get in Goa are of various varieties and really tasty to eat like Mankurad, Malgesh,
Mussarat, Fernandin, Afons. Sometimes the crop is so much that we make mango jams, mango puddings and mango sweets. 

Beside the seasonal fruits we also have Coconuts and Bananas growing in plenty. We enjoy the bananas for breakfast and also make cakes and fritters for our evening tea. While the extra coconuts are dried in the sun and then taken the mill to extract oil from it. The people in Goa use the coconut oil for their hair and body massage as well.


Besides the fruits we love to have fun at the beaches of Goa and visit the beach every evening since we live very close to the Baga beach. We go there for our evening walks or for a swim or visit the shacks for some goan sea food like crabs, shellfish, Pomfrets, King Fish and Mackerels. Everything served at the shacks are fresh and served in goan traditions. We specially love the Fish Curry Rice.

Our favorite Shack is Britto's Bar and Restaurant on Baga Beach. Their sea food is excellent. Don't forget to try their Stuffed Pomfret and Goan Sausage chilli fry.

Maybe everyone should visit Goa once in their life time and enjoy nature at it's best. And for all you foodies Goan Food Rocks!!

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