MioSolo Challenge No. 4

A very Good Morning Dear Readers! And A very Happy Labour Day to all! Hope you all are enjoying your day off work :)

Well, here I am back with a new Challenge from Miosolo. Today's topic is "The Dad, Grandparent or Babysitter Challenge" where the dad, grandparent or babysitter get's to try their hands on the miosolo nappy.

This Challenge was a bit tricky since I have no helper/babysitter to help and I am mostly a one man show :) handling everything all by myself. Grandparents are in India. So the only option left was to get my already experienced super husband to try out this challenge. Although he already knows to change diapers and handle babies well  (An experienced dad of 4 surely knows it all), The Miosolo nappy was his first time try since he is always at work during the week and today being Labour Day I got him to try his hands at this challenge.

So here we go! Daddy doing the Challenge :)

***(I asked him to try using the booster as well - but I really don't need to use the booster during the day since the nappy is reliable and good even without the booster. So he removed the booster once he finished the challenge and secured the baby back in the nappy)***

Inserting a Miobooster

Does it with ease.

Okay so the booster is ready to go in it's place and dad just did a great job. And he does make it look so easy. Well trust me, it is very easy to use!

Putting the nappy on the baby
Securing the Velcro

All done!

Dad sure looks so proud of his achievement :)

Now it's Daddy and Baby bonding time.
Miosolo nappies are really easy to use and very reliable. And my little baby no longer get a nappy rash :) My hubby gave me a thumbs up, now what more can I say :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading my post and do stay tuned for Challenge 5 coming up real soon.