Miosolo Challenge (Day 2 - Challenge 2)



A very good evening dear readers :) Hope you all are having an awesome weekend.

Sorry about the delay in my posting for Miosolo Challenge (Day 2 - Challenge 2). I was busy being an awesome mom. The kids are now tucked up in their beds, so hubby and I are free. While hubby is watching television, I am writing about my 2nd challenge.

Today's challenge is "the out & about challenge". And it was just a perfect day for this challenge since we had taken our baby out this afternoon. 

I inserted a mioliner into the nappy since the baby hadn't passed he poop as yet.
Put on the nappy at 1.00 noon.
Here we go all nap-pied up nicely. He gets really excited every time we take him out.

He is a very active baby and rolls over to his tummy real soon.

Here we go all ready and set to go.
"I'm all set to go! Why is mommy taking so long to dress?"

"Mommy please hurry!"

At 3.00pm I took the little fella to the malls baby room to check if he had wet his nappy but to my surprise the nappy was as dry as ever only the liner had poop in it so I threw it away and cleaned him up and tucked the baby back in the nappy, only this time I hadn't inserted a new liner.

After we were done with our outing we hurried home as we hadn't checked if the baby needed a nappy change since there were no baby rooms.

Once home, I quickly put the baby on the mat so that I could change him. But to my surprise when I touched the baby's nappy it was all dry on the outside.
I then opened up the nappy to check and to my surprise the surface or top layer was still dry only the nappy was a bit heavy. So I had to change him! And believe me for the first time my baby didn't get a nappy rash which he usually gets when we keep in the soiled diaper for long.

Oh! just to let you all know I didn't use the mioboost (nappy booster) as yet, but the results were amazing even without it.

I am really happy that I used the Miosolo nappy on my baby during his outing and for once the little fellow slept peacefully than he usually does.

Well Readers, (Yawns) I now come to the end of my task! But trust me there's more in Day 3 - Challenge 3. It's going to be an exciting one :) So do stay tuned for tomorrows write up on the Challenge.