Miosolo Challenge! (Day 1 Challenge 1)


I am truly honored to be given the opportunity by Bloom & Grow as a challenge to try on the Miosolo all in one reusable nappy on my little one. And I am more than glad that I accepted this challenge, since these nappies are really good.

At 10.00 am in the morning, I was all ready to try on the nappy on my little baby. I am both excited and anxious.

The nappy comes with an adjustable Velcro style closures. The surface of the nappy is very soft to touch and the nappy is very light in weight.


The front cross over Velcro tabs improve fit and keeps the nappy in it's place and has a nice and firm hold.

 The elasticated leg cuffs increase comfort and flexibility for my little one.

All done!!

Here we go the little fellow is all ready for his play time. Doesn't he look so cute and cheerful :)

Day 1 of Miosolo turned out to be a complete success and I can't wait to try out the next challenge :)

Thanks for reading my post!

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