Miosolo Challenge 3

Good Morning Readers and a very happy Monday morning to all :) My weekend was awesome! How about yours :)

Well, today's challenge is "the overnight challenge" where we had to see the performance of the nappy overnight. Well I'm speechless over the amazing performance. Read on to find out more.

At 8.30pm just after my baby's shower I put on his nappy for him. Inserted a Mioboost (nappy booster) as well so that I wouldn't need to wake up in the night to change him and I also wanted to test the performance with the booster.

Adding a Mioboost.

All done.

 Inserting the mioboost is really easy and it stays intact.

The baby can move freely and the nappy boost is very light in weight.
He rolls over to his tummy with ease.
He is all tired by 9.00pm but stills needs to play a little bit more.

"ok mommyit's time for me to sleep"
 We went to sleep by 11.00pm in the night. I woke up at 3.00 am to check on the baby's nappy and to my surprise it was still so dry. I touched the outer layer or the surface of the nappy with my hands to check. Yes, it was still dry! so I put the nappy back on him and went to sleep.

What was more amazing was he slept well throughout the night and woke only twice for his feed. Usually he wakes up if his diapers are wet, since he gets itching and redness with the nappy rash. But last night was different. He had no itching or redness whatsoever.

It's morning already 7.00am

 I checked his nappy in the morning as well and the Mioboost surely did the trick. No leakage or wetness and the baby is still sleeping.

What more can I say? The end results are just so amazing! Miosolo is simply the best and again I am so glad I took up the challenge since I'll be using only Miosolo nappies from now on.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Happy Monday and a blessed week ahead :)