[Media for Media] A tribute to our media partners! ^-^

Hello Dearies!

Even though we are a non-profit magazine, we get featured by magazines/celebrities from time to time, LOL! ^_^ I do find it amusing too, because usually media interview people, not fellow khakis, haha! So the RxR team has decided to compile some photos to celebrate the bonds media people share amongst their awesome selves. Here are some of our favorites:

For Starters, WE LOVE YOU SARAH. You'll always be our one and only:
Wendy X Sarah

Wendy X Sarah
Asia One--The No. 1 News Platform for Lifestyle Events!
With hunnie Patricia Mok:
We LOVE Patmok. She's so personable, outspoken and pretty in person! :)

With Cointrieau Singapore.
 And of coz Johnnieeeee. You drink it up!
Let me reassure you that we are khakis with all the nightlife magazines. Coz...they are awesome and we are too, and birds of a feather flock together! :) Next up is I-S magazine:
With I-S magazine! ^-^ We have been fans of I-S magazine since eons ago! :)

Wendy and I at Women's Weekly. You bet we love SPH.
shen wendys and soh wan wei
RxR power! Shenwendys X Soh Wan Wei
 Wan Wei in CLEO! ^-^ with cecilia :)
wan wei and ceci!
Wan Wei in Straits Times, as the key organiser and Singaporean representative of Tohoku Youth Ambassador Reunion. ^-^
soh wan wei wanwei sohwanwei yat
wanwei with fellow YAT volunteers
MEDIACORP. Thank you for always inviting us as media :) Watch my video with channel U  here!
 Media lunch at RWS, ftw! Wendy with da stars!

shen wendys with family
We met our Xinmin friends and got featured too ^_^

Here's Tesmi/Meishu first feature on Cozycot X Blackpaint mailer. ^-^

Rachel co-hosting a show with CHUA EN LAI HAHAHA ^-^

With Popspoken. BTW Rella is a name used when I was trying to make it easier for people to remember this blog...^-^ We have since rebranded.
soh wan wei popspoken
With the gorgeous waseda-sempai Sharon Au:
wanwei soh wan wei sohwanwei soh wanwei
sharon au X rxr
With Stef, runner-up of Asia Next Top Model 2013.
wan wei wanwei soh wan wei
Jess X Wan Wei!
With the gorgeous winner Jessica and Kari~
sohwanwei soh wan wei wanwei
With Jacelyn Tay at the Shiseido White event:
wan wei X ceci X Jacelyn
 And last but not least, two of my greatest inspirations in life:
WITH MEYUMI YAMADA. Founder of @cosme.net! I met her in Cosmoprof Hong Kong 2013. 
I was absolutely shaking when I met her! And she gave me her new Cosme book. SO DAMN TOUCHED!
soh wan wei
ZOMG @cosme founder and wanwei!
 And to celebrate the end of this post, here's a pic with Venetta Lopez. She rocks, because she wrote a book. And her voice's amazing. And she's a DJ. And she rocks. And she's soooo pretty! And...I'd be writing a book soon too, on Finland, and...YAY!
soh wan wei
wan wei and lopez
  Wan Wei is especially happy when she takes photos with talented authors. Why? Because they write so damn well! :))))
Actually we still have a lot of media features, but I guess these are the more personal favorites. :) Because we had so much fun together with our fellow media partners! 
Thank you for including the young RxR Magazine on board as a magazine portal in Singapore. We are really humbled, and floored, and we are committed to providing only top quality, value-adding features on this portal. 
Because this is our passion, and our hobby. 
Thank you for taking care of us, my friends! =) The team at RxR Magazine is immensely proud to be featured by you, and be part of this awesome magazine community!