Glossy Associations: What is it like to be a fashion intern?

Talking about intern-ships, most of us would have done it either for the sake of building up our portfolio for some Prestigious Medicine School, or for fun, like me. There's of course a whole lot mixed feelings about it, but mostly, you'd be thinking if it's worth your time, or not. Still, we do it anyway because we believe we would get something out of it. Nope, I didn't do it in the hope of becoming a Lauren Conrad.

I always wanted to witness photo-shoots and doing something related to fashion, so I signed up for an intern-ship at Cosmopolitan Singapore. Might not be as prestigious as Vogue (because Vogue Singapore doesn't exist), but it was something I looked forward to. Dressed up neatly for my interview, serious and all, and I got it. Yay me.

1. You get perks.

Like touching expensive, vintage jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes, and by shoes I mean Christian Louboutins... for being so obsessed with fashion, I consider that as one of the perks. You get to meet beautiful models in real life and then wondering if she's human, or if you're the alien... Meeting make-up artists and hairstylists was even better! Got some make-up and hair-styling secrets from them, which were totally priceless?! I also made friends with some very nice & pretty girls:) Oh, and getting credits on the magazine. Might be a very tiny part, but it got me so excited somehow. Well we all want recognition! I also believe that this internship sort of "trained my eye" for fashion.


2. It's not that glamorous as it sounds.

On my interview day, I was already told that my intern-ship would be nothing near to "The Devil Wears Prada". Of course I knew that already, but well at the back of my mind, I was just hoping there would be something glamorous for me to experience... Well, just being optimistic. I was mostly involved in doing mediocre duties like email-ing, collecting loans, sourcing and then walking around town with heavy shopping bags (not for myself), and steam ironing even... Yes, neatly pressed clothes are so important. Even photoshoots, are tough. I finally understood that the effort spent on photo-shoots cannot be justified by those few pages of a posh girl you see in the middle of a magazine. But wait. I actually enjoyed "sourcing" for clothes -- which I would rather like to call it "shopping". That made everything about the inten-ship much, much better.

Which brings me to my next point,

3. You have to enjoy it to experience the most out of it.

Despite being ordered around in the office or being sent to run errands, try to be happy about it. No point being grumpy or lazy when assigned to a mundane task, cause not only it will reflect badly upon yourself, you're bound to feel shitty too! You've already signed up for it, so just give it your all! I learned to believe that the up and down walks in Orchard Road to find that piece of shirt is worth it, and the hardwork spent on the photo-shoots were definitely worth it as well. And when you enjoy it, you radiate some sort of happiness and warmth that people can actually feel. Trust me, that stuff is true. That is why...

4. The opportunities you get is not definite.

I was also given more meaningful tasks (meaningful to me, at least) by my colleagues that not every intern gets. I got the chance to plan for the photo-shoot with my Fashion Director for this bunch of real men. Might just be sourcing clothes, planning for the men's outfits, adjusting collars and belts, but I treasured the whole experience! Then, I was also allowed to witness and assist in model photo-shoots, interview models, met a well known event organiser... It might not sound fantastic to most, but to a girl who're so curious about the fashion industry, I thought it really was. I was also asked to freelance for them as a features writer, where I get commission, which I thought was great. The opportunities you get is not defined by the Job-scope list that was email-ed to you, but your attitude and your personality.

Before I left, I was also told that the team enjoyed my presence! And my Fashion Director asked me to come back during my summer breaks in university. What a lovely thing to hear!

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to work there, as well as for the people I worked with who gave me a new perspective of things.

And of course, one of the most perceptible things I got to take away from the intern-ship-- Beautiful Photographs!