Friends at Concetto

We finally met up like after what seemed like two years! With all of us growing up so fast, I feel like I'm 21 already. I was really looking forward to seeing them... Or actually, their bald heads. We decided to try Concetto by Saveur, since it's a new restaurant in town. I heard it has mixed reviews, so I thought maybe we should give it a try anyway. It serves Italian food. And, by the way, I sort of had a period of time where I was crazy over cooking pastas & risottos. Delizioso.

The waitresses were nice, but I didn't really understand why they had to make us wait for 15 mins before sitting us down when there were like, 5 empty tables. Oh, and there was a really hot waiter working there.

Anyway, here's their menu. The food is rather cheap, considering that it's Italian food. You'll know why later.

Our table full of food! Y-U-M.

Daniel was totally judging Tania and I while we were taking pictures of the food.

Daniel's Minestrone Soup & Rye Bread

Daniel's Bolognese... which I totally forgotten to take picture of?!?! (He has a really huge appetite)

Michael's Creamy Pork

Kelvin's Duck Tortellini (He was so turned off by the food foam)

Tania's Prawn Aglio

My Crab Risotto

Well, I finally understood why Concetto has mixed reviews about it. Well, the portion they served is really small. Just look at the Duck Tortellini! Kelvin said it was like 5 wontons... The food they served is rather decent, tastes good and all, but I think they didn't really cook the food up to standards... My risotto was decent but I thought the texture wasn't right and the rice was too hard. Also, just look at the amount of "crab" in my Crab Risotto... The Creamy Pork and Bolognese was good though! I would definitely go back again, but not for their risotto. 

Group picture time!!! We totally regretted not taking a picture when the table was full of food.

So glad to see them all, after going through the tough training in army. I thought that they'd be more mature, but I guess some things will never change! Can't wait to see them again. :)