Easter Service

On Easter Eve (Saturday), me and my family attended the 8.00pm service at St. Joseph's Church, upper Bukit Timah. The service as always was really good and mass preparations were done really well. Specially the alter servers had done a very good job and I'm really proud to say that my eldest son who is 9years old was also one of the many Alter Servers at the Easter Mass. 

Even the sermon the priest gave was really good and had some real good words of wisdom. It  was also filled with some humor as well that got the parishioners laughing at some point. 

After the Sermon there was the Adult Baptism as well and it was a real delight to see so many converts following in the ways of Jesus. The entire ceremony was really good, although our little fellows dosed off mid way. The mass ended only at 11.45pm after which we headed back for home

When we got home from church we took a few pictures of ourselves since we were all dressed up and looking cute :)

I quickly made us some coffee while the kids enjoyed their cups of Milo and ate some cake. After which we all got ready for bed. The Kids asked if they were getting Easter Eggs and my hubby said no since we hadn't bought any eggs for them. With dejected faces the boys went off to bed only to find a little surprise early the next morning!! 

SURPRISE??? Anyone Curious to know?? Well you guys will just have to wait for my next write up coming up real soon.
 More about Easter coming up in my next post :)

Aruna L Mascarenhas

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