Dressing Up For Food!

Just a continuation from my post about attending the World Gourmet Summit! Gosh, I really love attending events related to food. Anyway, after gaining a belly after having all that good food, we decided to walk to the esplanade which was pretty near us. Of course, we took some photos along the way!!! It was the first day that I actually embraced Singapore's skyline, and was also my first time noticing it. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side...

Meet Mr. Mary Poppins!

I love dressing up!!! I mean, all girls do right...

Anyway, I've been so free these few days it's scaring me. I know I have so many things to do and things to plan out that justify my reason for staying at home but I'm just procrastinating the whole time!!! I was settling my uni apps STILL, because stupid me keyed in the wrong NRIC number, applied using 2 different accounts, etc etc. Went for the SMU interview on Tuesday, which I find rather odd. Everyone was fighting for the chance to speak! I did fight as well, though. Hope I get considered, yikes!!!

Gotta go find a job and plan my day/life right now. Just going through life aimlessly... Gawd, that is so disgusting...! I do have things to do, just that I don't have a 9 to 5 job that would prove to my parents that I'm doing something productive with my time! Okay I've gotta start doing something useful. That's all for now, cheers!

Today's Outfit

On Me:
Top: G2K
Skirt: Laura Ashley
Bag: From Taiwan
Shoes: Charles & Keith

On Him:
Shirt: G2K
Pullover: Topman
Pants: Topman
Shoes: Taiwan