What is RxR?

Hi again ladies!

Have you ever wondered what's up with the brand "RxR"?

Pronounced as "R by R", RxR Magazine is an initiative by the RxR Group to truly make a difference in the lives of cosmopolitan ladies around us. We get asked this question of our brand so often, I'd decided to dedicate an article to it :p

Have you ever thought about what is the fiercest alphabet out of the 26 letters? It's probably the alphabet "R". R stands for "roar", for "resilience", for "respect" and most importantly...for "rockstar".

Yes, we feature you, as a rockstar! :) We want to feature YOU as a rockstar. We are constantly looking out for inspiring, cosmopolitan women who have that X-factor and wisdom in dealing with day-to-day challenges. We believe that having this close community would eventually serve as an invaluable support for the modern cosmopolitan women, in having it all.

Count us in on your life journey, you gorgeous sunshine! ;)

Wan Wei :)