Uniquely...Kurripu (≥►.◄≤)

Hello Fellow RxRaters!

Today I want to introduce something really cute! This is not a sponsored post by the way, I'm blogging because I like the concept of Kurripu and its owners sooo much, I want to share with everyone.( ≥︺‿︺≤)! But first, watch this absolutely cute video!!

I totally...laughed out loud for a total of 5minutes. She's so cute!! kyaaaa~~~

Anyway, Rella's best friend Cece Ann and her both agree that for "aegyo" (korean)/"amaeru" (japanese) to work, you need to LOOK cute. And honestly there is a gap in the Singaporean market for cute and high-quality hand-made accessories.

It says "Kurrrrrrrrrrrrripu".

So you can imagine my delight when I found KURRIPU!!! ≥Ö‿Ö≤ The above plushie looks so fierce and cute at the same time, which makes it even cuter, right? Both are truly hand-made, and one-of-a-kind!! We took this picture in our summer cottage in the middle of Finland!

I actually won the clip from them in Kurripu's facebook contest which I joined for fun, and guess what. The bosses of Kurippu had such a generous heart, they sent the clip all the way to Finland for me! ≥Ö‿Ö≤

Anyway, let me introduce some of the favorite picks from Kurippu that I absolutely LOVE!

The Chloe Blue-- Perfect for spring! :)

 The Calista Purple-- Girly Overload!

Both are super Japanese and spring-like! The bows can be worn for almost any occasion--The possibilities are endless! For the HIME-GYARU look, you can pair either bows with floral dresses and accessories which look are LizLisa-inspired!!

Anyway, I chose a clip that's more Korean-looking:

Actually, some readers might feel that Kurripu's price is a bit on the steeper side. Afterall, you can buy really cheap floral accessories over aliexpress/qoo10/gmarket.co.kr. Like, really cheap, assuming they don't screw up your delivery. But those tend to be of low quality, and rough cloth. If you don't believe, try it yourself! What is there to lose anyway. haha. :p

On a sidenote, if you DO buy from aliexpress, be prepared to wait for 30days for delivery for some items. That is, if you are lucky. I bought three dresses recently, and after 25days, two sellers told me my dress is "lost". -.- I can printscreen our conversation, but I didn't leave them a bad rating because I believe entrepreneurship should be encouraged, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But some sellers on Aliexpress are honestly dubious, and there are huge differences between the pictures and the received products!!! I know because I do so much online shopping when I'm in Finland!!

But you'd never have this problem with Kurripu. I received their item in less than a week, when they sent it from Singapore to Helsinki. This suggests a strong insistence on next-day delivery.

But honestly I have to say this--handmade items have one important, unbeatable key feature, and that is quality. Kurripu's accessories are very soft to the touch, and really uniquely designed; no machine can bring this uniqueness to the accessory you are holding in your hand! So if you are going for the authentic Korean style, why not opt for Kurripu, where everything is not only high quality, but handmade with Love from Korea!

Okay! That's all for now! Show them some love and like their facebook and instagram!
Visit Kurripu at www.kurripu.com today! ≥Ö‿Ö≤