Suki & Doug :: Posture Correction Seat Cushion

More and more people nowadays are suffering from coccyz aka better known as tailbone pain due to prolong hours sitting infront of the computer or reading books. Getting comfy and cushy may not be hard, but it can only be done right with the right cushion to help you release from fatigues and pain resulting from prolong sitting since their ergonomical design can take pressure off while you are seated. They are ergonomically designed to redistribute your weight so that you aren't resting on an injured tailbone. I know cause I'm a sufferer of a lingering coccyx pain which resulted from childbirth. 

Suki & Doug multi-purpose Posture Correction Cushion can be your seat pad, your neck pillow, your back chair cushion, or even as a chair for the floor etc. Its ergonomical design helps release the burden of your back as a chair back pad. The seat cushion is specially designed to well shape your hip and release you of fatigues when sitting for too long. It is made to fit the shape of your hip, with uplift cushion arts on both sides, so as to massage your hip from the outside to inside, flexible and comfortable. It not only reduces back pain, eases strains and fatigues, but also corrects your sitting posture! 

It fits both adults and children, great for the office and/or study room so why not grab yourself some now and make yourself comfortable with these cute, beautiful multi-purpose Posture Correction Cushion! It is firm yet soft enough to be comfortable, providing ample support to your body while maintaining that elastic cushy feeling. Comes in 7 different designs and happy vibrant colors!

The size of the cushion is

They are available for purchase at Suki & Doug so do check them out quick before they run out!