Reminiscence of Savour 2014

Thanks to the PR folks Clout & Hog of  Savour 2014 I was privileged to be invited to visit the yearly gourmet food festival, Savour 2014 and this time at its new home – The Promontory@Marina Bay, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Marina Bay Financial Centre skyscrapers!

Savour 2014 with the Marina Bay Financial Centre as backdrop

Getting there was easy-peasy from the Downtown Station on the Downtown Line MRT compared to its previous location.

As I stepped into Savour an amazing aroma start to swirl around me – the irresistible whiff of a cow roasting in a spit, teasing and tantalizing your senses!

Roast Whole Cow on spit

Jasons was housed in its own air-conditioned tent with a spacious dining area, designed to replicate famous food markets from around the world. Jasons featured Japanese seafood section with products flown-in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, a meat section offering top quality wagyu beef, lamb, roasted veal and a cheese counter showcasing over 200 varieties (a cheese haven indeed)!

Jasons Gourmet Market

The Dining Area

Oyster Shots

An array of oysters specially air-flown in

Succulent & Fresh Sea Urchin - yummy!

Cured Meat Tasting

Cheese Tasting

Cute setting don't you think? 

A cheese lover's haven - kaleidoscope of cheese

Cheese with balsamic vinegar

Cheese tasting station

Cocktail Station

The Food Village setting was alfresco complete with carpeted grass and scattered palm trees, giving it a more cozy and relaxing feel.

The Food Village - carpeted grass and scattered mini palm trees

A different after-work hangout for the business executives

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant chatting with his fan

Stay hydrated with Badoit - Natural Sparkling Mineral Water
from Saint Galmier, France

I have just gone Champagne Shopping!

The food was good, and the small portions were perfect as it gave me an opportunity to try a lot more of different stuff! 

Chef Christophe Paucod, Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais

(1 Michelin Star, Japan)
Whipped Fresh Cheese with Chives, Garlic and Parsley paired 
with baguette for one to soak up the delectable cheese

Chef Moon Kyung Soo,  Mikuni, Singapore
Kanpachi Truffle Soya 

I’m looking forward to next year’s Savour 2015 already are you?