[New]: How to Start a Online Business

You know, I always read stuffs online with headlines--targeting Singaporeans-- saying:
--"How to make money QUICK". 
--"Stay at home mom makes SGD$10,000/month ONLINE"....
...And whatever."
I'm not sure if you have seen these types of advertisements before? They sell the concept of "passive income", making you think that you're some sort of privileged few who are truly unique and lucky (whatever that means), and that passive income is effortless, you just have to pay $X for the system, $Y to buy the book, $Z to network, and viola, you will have an eternal lifetime stream of passive income! AND YOU MUST ACT NOW NOW NOW!!!! Limited time offer only!

 "Can I have some time to think? No?  T.T "

I really don't think this is a legit way of making money online.
On a sidenote, people who know me know that I hate the concept of "luck". Luck is just evil. It makes everything seem random, takes the smartness out of ideas, and blame every sort of failure as "unlucky", instead of something you can learn and improve upon.

So allow me to start our Online Business System today by saying-- There's nothing effortless in "passive income". It's a lot of hard work. People I personally know-- like Eileen, Cherie and Millie, whom we will feature in interviews-- are rather inspiring builders of systems via their online businesses, for themselves and their families. And, guess what--they are also amongst the most hardworking people I'd personally met, with amazing work-life balances.They lead successful lives, are risk takers, and are in general respected.

I think--most often, the issue isn't a matter of lack of motivation. It's almost always a lack of direction. I think most Singaporeans are prepared to work very, very hard to get to a financially free status. Most just don't know where to direct their energy, or view the lack of opportunities as an issue, so that when an opportunity comes knocking, they jump into it without considering the pros and cons, and worse--whether the opportunity is indeed suitable for their personalities. 

So today, I want to talk about how you can really build an online business. RachxRella will be running a 100% free series on how you can really make money online and offline in the following months. This series will explore the pros and cons of ways and opportunities to build an online business, and help YOU see more method of bringing bread to the table.

Whether you are a housewife, a student, or a stay-at-home mum, we sincerely hope that this series will benefit you and value-add your life.

Check back this page for continuous updates!

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