MTV premiers Sleeping with the Family and Ex on the Beach

MTV today announced that the brand new docu-series, Sleeping with the Family and a daring new dating series, Ex on the Beach, will be premiering in Asia in March and April respectively. Tackling a topic audiences around the world can relate to, Sleeping with the Family, explores the challenges of navigating young love – and the sparks that fly when partner and parents collide. Contrasting two sets of rules, two ways of living and two generations with explosive results, Sleeping with the Family delves into the universal dilemma of dating when parents disapprove and the relatable drama that ensues. Sleeping with the Family is set to premiere on Sunday, 30 March at 9.30pm (WIB) and 10.30pm (SIN/HK) on MTV.

When eight single guys and girls arrive in a beautiful Mediterranean paradise and move into a luxury villa together as part of a new MTV dating series, Ex on the Beach, they’re expecting to find holiday romance. What they don’t know is that things are about to get very ex-citing… Just as they get off to a sizzling start, their dream scenarios quickly sour, as their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends begin to appear unexpectedly. Slowly, reality sets in but no one knows – whose ex is next? Get ready – the sensational new dating series Ex on the Beach will premiere on MTV on Wednesday, 23 April at 10pm (WIB) and 11pm (SIN/HK).


In each 60-minute episode of Sleeping with the Family, a young couple agrees to live with one set of in-laws and abide by their laws for one week. But the “my house, my rules” scenario is soon turned on its head, as parents are made to live the following week under the rules of the new generation.

Though family tension plus relationship drama can be a recipe for conflict, Sleeping with the Family explores how seeing things from another perspective can result in newfound respect, understanding and closer family ties. The truth is, there’s more to everyone than meets the eye.

Sleeping with the Family is executive produced by Andrea Speziale-Bagliacca and Ilya Colak-Antic for MTV and Thomas Benski and Misbah Alvi at Pulse.

Sleeping with the Family

Sleeping with the Family

Sleeping with the Family

Introducing the Sleeping with the Family ‘Rule Switcher’ site

To celebrate the launch of Sleeping with the Family, MTV’s World Design Studio has developed an interactive microsite, ‘Rule Switcher’, where users will be able to control and manipulate their viewing experience on their personal computer by using their bedroom light switch and a webcam (how cool is that!).

With the flick of a switch, users can control whether the young couple on their screen are behaving in a way their parents would approve of, for example doing homework or tidying their bedroom…or if they’re getting up to no good in the dark.

Using tailored software to analyze the average luminance in the image captured via the user’s webcam, the Sleeping with the Family ‘Rule Switcher’ site lets users decide whether they prefer to live by #KidsRules or #ParentsRules.

Go to to visit the Sleeping with the Family ‘Rule Switcher’ microsite.


Just as new relationships start to blossom between the singles, the path of true love runs anything but smoothly, as drama unfolds and each ‘ex’ arrives with unique intent. The game is on, but who will win back the objects of their affection? And who will exact their revenge? Without further ado, let’s meet the sexy singles…

First, a girl who needs no introduction. As a star of MTV’s international hit show Geordie Shore, Vicky is adored by reality TV fans across the globe for her party animal antics, witty sense of humour and no-nonsense attitude. Looking hotter than ever after using her most recent breakup as motivation for a more positive and healthy lifestyle, Vicky embraces the opportunity to turn her love life around on Ex on the Beach, diving head first into the sexy singles she believes are her ‘pickings’. Will she live up to her ‘Volcano Vicky’ reputation when she comes face to face with her past? And which ex will appear on the beach?

Geordie Shore fans will remember Vicky’s painful breakup with ex-fiancé and co-star Ricci, and her more recent romance with former Australian National Rugby League player Dan, who made a brief but memorable appearance in season 6 when he was Vicky’s personal trainer. But would he really fly half way round the world to give their romance another shot?

Next up meet Marco, the Portuguese prima donna who says his biggest strength is looking like a “Greek god” and that he “doesn’t have one weakness”. Groomed to perfection, Marco sees himself as a full time Casanova. When his ex’s pretty blonde head emerges out of the water, will he still try to make a move on every girl in the villa or will she manage to get her claws into her man once again?

Self-confessed “bad girl” Chloe quickly tires of whichever guy she is seeing. Her flirtatious behaviour soon leads to lots of frosty encounters within the villa, leaving her with very few female allies. However, Chloe defends herself, saying “I’ve always had loads more guy friends; I find that most girls come with a lot of drama, and I’m not interested in it”. Maybe she’ll have better luck with the boys…

Ashley is naturally blessed with good genes and considers himself “a major player”. Any girl Ashley wants he gets – although he generally finds that girls don’t match up to his intellect. He promises carnage and drama in the villa. Stay tuned to watch Ashley make the most of his flirting skills as he plays two girls off against each other.

Confident party girl Emily is no stranger to a wild night and loves to let her hair down. Emily describes herself as “the joker” amongst her friends and expects her boyfriends to have the same aptitude for banter. She wants someone who will treat her well but also keep her on her toes. Will Emily find her dream partner on Ex on the Beach?

The joker of the bunch Jack is not one to be tied down. Jack has never had a long-term girlfriend, claiming he would “rather play the field”, and spends all his free time and money on partying. Jack loves meeting new people and saw Ex on the Beach as the “opportunity of a lifetime and a wicked experience”. Will he find his first love amongst someone else’s sloppy seconds?

Playboy Bunny, model and dancer Farah holds two beauty queen titles from the Philippines and Guyana. But although she may look like she’s full of confidence, she is one of the most reserved of the group. Farah says she only dates older guys – but then finds out she’s the oldest one in the villa! Surely it’s time to break tradition and embrace the younger man…

Ladies’ man Liam spent most of his teenage years in a monogamous relationship but has since made up for lost time since and refuses to settle down. He hasn’t been in a serious relationship since the age of 22. Liam describes his dream date as begin on a yacht with “not just one girl – about five half naked girls. I think that is quite reasonable”. Will Liam get his wish on Ex on the Beach?

One thing’s for sure – Ex on the Beach promises to be an emotional roller-coaster of surprising twists, scorching passion, rekindled flames and cringe-inducing moments. Week after week, a cocktail of exes wash up on shore adding fuel to the fire. And, to make matters even more complicated, they’re not just exes of the sexy singles. Some of these exes have dated other exes and one character even has three ex partners in the villa! Forget love triangles – this is a tangled web of love and loathing.

The must-watch dating series Ex on the Beach will premiere on MTV on Wednesday, 23 April at 10pm (WIB) and 11pm (SIN/HK).

Ex on the Beach is produced for MTV UK by Whizz Kid Entertainment and has been shot on location in southern Europe. Ex on the Beach will debut this spring across MTV’s international network of more than 60 channels across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia. Ex on the Beach is commissioned by MTV UK’s VP, Production, Steve Regan, and executive produced by Regan and Lisa Chapman and Suzanne Readwin for Whizz Kid Entertainment.