Makeup Isn't About Insecurities

I just thought I should share my personal thoughts regarding all the beauty and makeup tutorials we are currently making in case some people feel they are misleading or materialistic or even obsessed with being pretty. I treat makeup as a form of self-expression, confidence, passion, fun, and somehow, also a form of art.

I'm thirty and I'm very comfortable with the way I look, with or without makeup. (I hope I will also love it when I'm fifty, sixty or seventy.) In fact, I go most days WITHOUT the use of makeup. I'm not saying that I love every bit of myself, but I have definitely come to embrace the look my parents gave me. After all, it is no use hoping to look like Kate Upton when you are on another type altogether. That, I guess, is the true meaning of "Be yourself, Love yourself".

Makeup isn't made to make you beautiful, it is meant to enhance the beauty you already possess. It brings draws the attention to your alluring eyes. It defines your lips, highlights your facial angles. It makes you feel better, more positive.

People always want to look their best. It is like doning on a beautiful dress or getting a new haircut.

Admittedly, there are some individuals who feel that they cannot leave the house without make up on. Makeup shouldn't negatively affect you and you should be happy with it.

For that, I leave you with the quote from Audrey Hepburn: "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."