Kids Bake-Off By Pick Me Up Bakery

Would you like to give your kids and his or her friends a real fun cooking experience they will never forget? Skip the parks and rides. Bring them to the Pick Me Up Bakery instead.

To save time Dialinka will pre-make the dough as it needs to be freezed before it can be cut into shapes. Under the careful supervision of Pick Me Up Bakery’s baker, Dialinka, kids will learn how to roll out the dough and cut it into different shapes.  As a safety precaution kids are not allowed to enter the kitchen, Dialinka will help the kids put the cookies into the oven to bake before teaching them how to decorate them with lots of fun toppings. While waiting for the cookies to bake, the kids can join Mummy and Daddy for some snacks and tea. Once ready, kids can decide whether they want to eat their cookies immediately or take them home for later.

If cookies aren’t a thing the kids like they can also opt to learn how to handle fondant decoration on cupcakes!

What kids learn when baking? They are taught creativity, the value of food and how to be more conscious and cautious of the food they eat without being boring or preachy. The kitchen is where children can learn about measurement, cause and effect, follow instruction while improving on their motor skills. It is also a valuable life skill.  While this is a great activity to try out at home, it’s always good to let the kids learn from the professionals.

Kids Bake-Off Class at Pick Me Up Bakery takes place every Sunday morning 10am to 12pm starting 9 March 2014. Kids must be at least 5 years old and above, cost is SGD30 per kid includes 1 set of sandwich and beverage. Each class session holds a maximum of 4 kids. Email to enquire about class availability and to sign-up.