Getting Naked with Dermagold

Hi RxRaters!!

For the first time ever you are going to see my naked face (and many more to come) as I share with you my review on Dermagold products.

The products being tried out are:

Premium White Mask

Miracle C Plus

Tinted Sunblock 

Sheer Sun Protector

Watch me as I try out the products.

My verdict after the trial?

The uniqueness of the Premium White Mask is that the mask also covers the eyes! As you know most masks usually don't come with that. Our eyes are equally important as our face and we shouldn't neglect them. Our eyes needs to be pampered too! 

I used the Miracle C Plus for a week and realize it not only hydrated my skin well it also nourishes it with loads of vitamin C giving my face a more glowy and radiant look! 

The Tinted Sunblock texture is cream based giving you a powdery finish when applied. It covers up my freckles and leaves a smooth finish, I don't even need to apply pressed powder thereafter. No oily or sticky feel too!

Thats me bare naked with only Dermagold products on my face

The Sheer Sun Protector is liquid based no sticky feel after application and easily absorbed.

I personally prefer the Tinted Sunblock which not only acts as a sunblock but also as a foundation!

The products that I have tried and tested are available for purchase from Dermagold. Check out their website for more details.

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