Earth Hour: Family Fun Ideas

60 minutes without lights can be a pain, or fun! It all depends on your attitude towards the problem. I personally don't find it troublesome at all to do our little part to promote a little more awareness about global warming and climate issues. (They don't call me Mother Nature for nothing! Haha.) On my part, one thing I did was to convert my house to LED (read here and here).

First things first, submit your pledge NOW!

I noticed Earth Hour is getting more and more popular with the support of many big brands and companies. I personally have been involved in my own little way even before it became a Thing because my mom is the ultimate green and healthy role model for me. It is very important for families to be involved, so we can pass on awareness to the next generation, especially since we are thinking of their future well-being in mind! So, how can we make Earth Hour special and fun for the whole family? There are 101 ways but I'll just share a few of my favourites:

1. Homemade Non-toxic Candle

Don't add to air pollution and haze! Did you know you can make a safe, non-toxic and even aromatherapeutic candle from the world's favouritest fruit??? I didn't... until I saw this!

How to Make a Candle out of an Orange

2. Make something else, especially glowy things.

These are easy, non-toxic and your child will get hours and hours of fun!

DIY Rechargeable Fairy Glow Jars

Glowing Bubble Materials

Glowing Pasta Necklaces

3. Try Supper Under the stars.

Make sandwiches together and when it is time for Earth Hour (8:30 - 9:30pm), go outside and enjoy a picnic under the night sky!

Do it for the sloths, will ya?

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