[Twist of Black] Colours!

I really love colours-- don't you? Today I'm going to introduce a really amazing accessories shop named Twist of Black. They sell accessories in fantastic colours and designs at really affordable prices!

Accessories from Twist of Black!

To be honest, I was super floored when they sent the necklace all the way to Finland for me! :-) Yep, they do secure and reliable international shipping, and I received my necklace safely. Would have taken it against SNOW, but snow unfortunately melted. Haha.
So I took photos with apples instead.
Twist of Black is an online accessories boutique dedicated to serving all ladies by offering affordable accessories. I really adore the vast-selection of trendy accessories they have! And because the range is affordable and really reasonably priced, YOU are empowered to boldly experiment with different designs. 

And the vibrant colours really cheered me up in cold, cold Finland! XD

You know, recently there was this crazy SGD$5 challenge which went viral, after a former Rafflesian documented his adventure of surviving of $5 a day. Bob Tonelli took the challenge before as well, and he suffered quite badly too!  So to show you how much you can stretch $15, I'd give you my version of how I'd be spending it with Twist of Black:

Twist of Black Colorpop Twistbands, $1.20 each.

Rose Garden Earrings, $2.90

Only You Necklace, $4.50.
Ring of Leaves-- $3.90
Cute-as-button Gift Soap, $2.90.

Total: SGD15.40.
You'd just need to top up $0.40!

Didn't like one of the items I'd chosen? No worries, now it' YOUR opportunity to choose whatever you like! Twist of Black is sponsoring one lucky RxR fan a $15 store voucher!
That's right,  check out our FB fanpage for more details! :) It's a super easy giveaway <3