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Fashion blogging is an inherently narcissistic undertaking, especially outfit-of-the-day.  There is absolutely no doubt about that! So...when I say The Fashionlogist ...who do you think I meant? Nope, I was not talking about me… I was talking about YOU!!! 

I have had several requests to create a style lookbook by our fans as they are curious how I manage to have all that is going on under control. Yes, all whilst looking poised, stylish, fabulous and seemingly effortless! We seem to have this going on with mothers, don't we?  After we have kids, most of us don't allocate time to ourselves, nor put ourselves first.

But let me tell you this-- YOU. deserve it. You're beautiful!

This lookbook is all about “affordable, accessible, easy, style” written by Wendy, yours truly, for the one and only you… And yes, I am a thirty- something Fashionista with a full time job, managing the family, and a mother of a beautiful 10 years old girl. And YES! I do have a jam packed schedule per-se and a passion for fashion styling. I love putting together clothes, shoes, accessories to create a unique and different look every time.

To me fashion is like architecture; it has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening around us. I think one thing that is quite clear about my style is that its eclectic! I will literally shop anywhere from a boutique to an online blogshop. This creates a wardrobe that is essentially a healthy and exciting mix of everything stylish. So technically, I fit the description of The Fashionlogist.

BUT, my goal is to share my affordable fashion finds and inspire the many Fashionistas that I encounter out there in the world, in the same way that they’ve inspired me. With that said, I would like to thank YOU — the quintessential Fashionista for inspiring me to finally start doing a lookbook.

I truly believe that every woman has the potential to have fabulous style, but let’s face it, many women don’t have the money to fulfill every fashion fantasy, or the time to scour discount stores looking for affordable fashion within their budget.  I love sharing my affordable fashion finds with my readers and hope to inspire other Fashionistas with my personal style.

Here is my first OOTD video - pardon the low quality, will get better at it surely. Do give this video a LIKE. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel Rach Rella.

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