Mark Zuckerberg: The New E-Hitler?

I'm sure you have heard of it: Facebook is buying over Whatsapp. Ever wondered why? The reasons are simple:

Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp is its latest move to transform a platform and company born on the PC into a full-fledged network for a mobile generation. Zuckerberg's progress so far on mobile has positioned the company to take advantage of the fast-growing markets. And it has helped boost Facebook's stock roughly 150 percent since July.

But with a new crop of smartphone applications threatening to eat into Facebook's audience, worrying signs of waning interest amongst younger users - which the WhatsApp acquisition may help address - and a tech landscape evolving more rapidly than ever before, Facebook can't afford to fall behind again.

That is critical for Facebook as it courts the "next 5 billion" Internet users, many of whom live in places like India and Africa and who are likely to first experience the Internet on a mobile rather than a PC.

"If Facebook is not first in line when those people are firing up their devices, it stands a chance of never connecting with those folks, because there are so many alternatives," said Brian Blau, an analyst at research firm Gartner.

Yep, so the argument goes along the lines of EAT or be EATEN. That's pretty convincing, huh!
But if you were to remember supposedly why Zuckerberg started facebook in the first place, it is to stalk a pretty girl he likes. He was thinking along the lines of-- "If I can be the admin of a platform this girl uses, won't I be able to  know everything she reveals about herself online?"

And now...he'd be watching you--baby! If not facebook, if not instagram--online, on whatsapp ;)
He inspires Rella, as Rella's a stalker too.