Daruma is a traditional Japanese wishing doll (or charmingly referred to as a “Goal Doll”) that keeps us focused on achieving our goals! It’s a centuries-old tradition from Japan that is positive, motivational and fun (and it works too)!!

From Left: Strawbery, Orange, Apple & Grape

The Hello Kitty Daruma Cushion is not just only a hand warmer cushion its also a pillow and a stuffed toy. With so many uses you can rebut anyone who says its going to be dust collector – you know what I mean.

The Daruma Cushion is the softest, most comfortable, cutest and extra-plush pal around! The Daruma Cushion is made in Hong Kong and imported from Korea. Comes in a huggable size of is 35cm L x 35cm W and is available in 4 cute designs. Fret not if its soiled for you can send it for spot clean and it would be as good as new!

I can't wait for mine to arrive! *excited much*

They are available for purchase at Suki & Doug so do check them out.

Psst: I saw the exact same thing at Bugis+ and they are selling almost double the price what Suki & Doug is selling! Am so proud of myself to have found such a good deal!

This fabulous product is part of our Valentine's Day RxR Gift Guide. Stay tuned at Rach X Rella for the Valentine's Day RxR Guide and huge giveaways.