The Artsy Fad hits town again! – Art Stage Singapore 2014

For its fourth edition, Art Stage Singapore promises a holistic overview and deeper understanding of contemporary art from Asia Pacific with its newest fair component. Taking the form of a curated sales exhibition, this component will be divided into country and regional platforms that feature exciting new works by headlining and emerging artists from Southeast Asia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Australia. Source:

Firstly, a BIG Thank You to the host, MBS for the kind invitation to be part of the VIP Preview & Vernissage on 15th Jan 2014.

Now, let’s try something different here, should we?

Take a walk with me & I will show you as how these beautiful art pieces have touched me with their ‘life stories’ during the vernissage with a minimalistic approach.
As we approached the entrance, a huge overhead arch made out of intertwining rattan loomed over us, as though informing us we were about to step into an urban jungle filled with amazing, natural “wildlife” (wow-life)!

As their usual practice, the fair organizers would display an Iconic piece near the entrance. Here’s what was on display for 2014.

Titled: RAPE AND PILLAGE (Thailand)
Each uniform represents a ruthless officer, each of them being sewn on with loose threads hanging. These loose threads could portray the ‘broken’ people & torn families due to the pillages.

My sightings & experiences in the exhibition hall are being summarised by the quotes below and the pictures following suit – 

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.Henry David Thoreau 
True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.Albert Einstein
Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.Oscar Wilde

My favourite display of all: Take a closer look,
beneath all the glamour lies the true beauty of mankind.
This dragon is part of the exhibition above.

Pictures in a picture!

Left: Life & Death, depicted by countdown timers & unknown wires
Right: Blueprints by a really young artist in his 20s, using layers of acrylic paint! Really admire his patience.

Left: An art installation made up of bottles containing tree barks
Right: Do I really need to explain anymore?

The Horizons showcased using hanging films

Left: An Inky flurry effect created by layering glass, similar to glass blowing.
Right: I was attracted by the colourful blend, but to me, this piece does carry different meanings.

I LOVE how the artist literally tells you “Nature screws Machines”

Another fantastic piece of work by the same artist, doesn’t the wolf looks stunningly real?
Oh wait, both animals on display are REAL! Taxidermy at its finest, I must say.

This one made me laugh in realisation upon first sight! And I believe those of you who grew up with Author – Han Christian Andersen, would know the title of this artwork. If you don’t, it’s “The Emperor’s new clothes”

Mind your heads people! This one’s an inflatable which inflates & deflates over time. I applaud its artist for this simple yet brilliant piece of work – The piggy says “LOVE ME”. Doesn’t it make sense?
With love, one flourishes. Without love, one struggles.

This is one of my favourites. The majestic fall ends up as calming waters. I would like to compare it with “Life”, as the roaring youthful emotions & endeavors sculpting one into a well travelled, peaceful person with vast knowledge.

Mulberry paper mache art

My friend & I were debating if the photos were taken in an abandoned factory or were they set up shots in the same abandoned factory. Kudos to the photographer for the amazing photography skills! Know why I said that? The photographs portrayed an orderly mess, as though the life of the subject.

Korean artwork – Doesn’t the above remind you of some Japanese polkadots? *winks*
Some of the art pieces were impressive, emitting a certain grandeur that makes you go “WOW!”
Some were simple yet were able to communicate the deeper meaning behind its presence and of course, there were some which were over thought & ended up looking like inspired pieces from the known names out there. Well, I will leave you darlings to judge for yourselves? Hit us up should you have any comments or thoughts!

The Art Stage Singapore is open to the public from 16th – 19th January 2014.
Opening Hours:
16 & 17 January: 12pm - 7pm

18 January : 11am - 7pm
19 January : 11am - 6pm
For more information on show schedule & tickets, please visit

Ohh, before I end off, I believe I have yet to introduce myself….

This is JANE, your freedomist guest blogger saying HI! & signing off….