Random RxRated Guide: How to be a SPG

Today I shall do a random post on SPGs.
 Firstly, let's define the term SPG:

The term Sarong Party Girl was originally used to describe Asian girls who sleep around with Angmohs.  Once upon a time on the blogosphere, the cute blogger Ms Izzy made the term well-known in Singapore.

While Ms Izzy sometimes blogs intelligently, her open-mindedness sometimes does not go well with most Singaporeans. Some of her acts with her angmoh bf therefore, gave all Chinese girls who date angmohs a somewhat NEGATIVE IMAGE.

In my post here, I will just generally describe it as asian CHINESE girls who are dating white guys. So in the broadest definition, I am a SPG also.

But if we were to define it so broadly, then the term SPG is neither slutty nor condescending anymore. SPGs are now confident, smart, eloquent young ladies...as opposed to mere sluts or bimbos.

1) Xiaxue

Best blogger in Asia. Smart, high IQ, courageous and very very very good at digging out dirt of opponents. She has since married and progressed onto mommy blogging of her really cute baby Dash!

2) Zhang Ziyi

I heard her English was damn sucky, and YET she had the resillence to film Memoirs of a Geisha ENTIRELY in English. She's confident, thick-skinned, daring, and definitely a lady who knows what she wants.

It was reported by Times that she actually told the director in the eye--'Please give me this lead role'. Ambitious and cool!

3) Joanne Peh

Pretty, smart, good at acting. 'Nuff said. But she is DEFINITELY not your conventional SPG. So I mean, asian chinese who date angmoh are NOT SPG lah obviously!

Well both of them have broken up ever since, but she still has the image of a SPG and it probably would stay for some time. 

Does she even look like the slut-SPG to you?? No! She's so elegant!

I hope that thus far, I'd convinced you that not SPGs are sluts. So here's our RxRated 8 steps to looking like a professional SPG:
  1. Must have long hair. Short hair is a no-no. Then must put hairband.
  2. Must have confidence. If you have it, flaunt it! Must okay!
  3. Must wear dresses. Either tube or halter or spags. Must show boobs one. If not you are just a failure.
  4. COLOURS. Barbarella seldom wear black!!
  5. Must not be too tall. Like anything below 165cm is perfect.
  6. If possible, can most of the time look like you are going to the beach. So you can wear those long long dresses as well, will look very good! (y)
  7. Speak with a fake accent, you know? Doesnt matter if it is singlish! But your accent must sound posh!

Okay, Tanks Everybirrrdy Tanks! <3 BYE!