Nicekelodeon Premieres: Rabbids Invasion & original kids TV movie Nicky Deuce

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Nickelodeon today announced the launch of CG-animated series Rabbids Invasion and original kids TV movie Nicky Deuce. The series Rabbids Invasion features a mysterious breed of creatures known as Rabbids who often create mayhem and chaos whilst exploring the human world. It debuted on 11 January and new episodes will air weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) at 7am (WIB), 8am (SG/MY), 10am (PH). Nicky Deuce will premiere on Friday, 24 January at 4.30pm (WIB), 5.30pm (SG/MY), 7pm (PH).

Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Consisting of 26 half-hour episodes, Rabbids Invasion follows the curious, irreverent and unpredictable creatures as they discover, explore, and often wreak havoc in the human world. For the Rabbids, everything is a source of wonder and amusement, and these indestructible and uncontrollable creatures have absolutely no respect for the social rules that govern society. There are no laws, no rules of the road. They are all about having fun and their only language is a crazy-sounding Bwaaaaaah!

Photo Credits: Nicekelodeon

Live action film Nicky Deuce features a star-studded cast including iCarly’s Noah Munck and The Sopranos’ Steve Schirripa, Michael Imperioli, Vincent Curatola and Tony Sirico, in addition to Rita Moreno. Based on the same-titled popular children’s book by Schirripa and Charles Fleming, the movie also features Cristine Prosperi (Degrassi) and Cassius Crieghtney.

Munck, stars in Nicky Deuce as Nicholas Borelli II, a nerdy, over-protected teen who transforms into the title character. When his plans to attend Vanderton math camp go awry, he is sent to spend the summer with Grandma Tutti and Uncle Frankie in Brooklyn, New York - a far cry from the sheltered life his over-protective parents have provided him. With the help of some new neighborhood pals, he spends the summer trying to fit in to his unfamiliar surroundings.

His alter ego is born when he winds up mistakenly earning a reputation as the notorious….Nicky Deuce. When confronted with some questionable dealings, Nicky quickly gets to know himself better, uncovers some family secrets, and learns that the mean streets of Brooklyn aren’t always what they seem.
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