Love at first bite

When I first tried Pick Me Up Bakery House cupcakes I was pleasantly surprise to find that the frosting on top was considerately less sweet then the usual ones and there’s a citrus taste in the chocolate cupcakes. It turns out the owner, Dialinka, through her own “R&D” have zest up traditional chocolate cupcakes by adding freshly squeezed orange juice turning them to what she calls “Chocolate Orange Cupcakes”. 

Kids don't lie ~ my gal truly loves the cupcakes
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Chinese Zodiac ~ Snake Theme
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Normal cupcake goes for $3.80 and customized cupcake at $4.20. The flavours include butter, chocolate and chocolate orange.

Have you ever tried rosemary infused cookies? I was hesitant at first when I first bought a box to try. Now am hooked, once I start eating them I can’t stop! I am already finishing my second box need to get more! The cookies are available either in marmalade, raspberry or strawberry. I have tried marmalade and strawberry, out of which I prefer the ones with marmalade while my gal prefers the strawberry. They are bite-size and melts in your mouths…mmmm

Rosemary Infused Cookies with Marmalade

She also bakes very yummilicious M&M cookies and heart-shaped butter cookies too!

M&M Cookies
Heart-Shaped Butter Cookies

Am definitely going to order these cookies for Chinese New Year. A box of rosemary infused cookies and M&M cookies cost $20/per box whilst the heart-shaped butter cookies cost $16/per box. Take note orders for Chinese New Year closes on 10 Jan 2014.

Dialinka’s famous quote: “Eat Right, Stay Light. We are your Personal Baker!” All her products are made with having a healthy diet in mind thus you won’t have to worry about putting on extra calories ;) cool isn’t it.


  1. Wow Wendy nice recommendation... Love e way u present this... Hmmm still lots to learn fr u peep

    1. awww..thanks for the compliments Kathy thats so sweet of you. xoxo