I Scream for Ice-Cream (Femininely)

For the love of all things sweet, pink and black, check out the Magnum Pleasure Store this season. As you know, I'm an uber fan of Magnum ice-cream and although it comes with many delicious flavours, it doesn't hurt to occasionally try it in a different way.

That's where the Magnum Pleasure Store comes in. From artistic names like Vincent van Gogh, Venice in A Jar and A Midsummer's Night Dream, you can expect the desserts to be as creative as their lofty names!

We were honored to be invited down to the roving pop-up Magnum Pleasure Store (it had just moved to Raffles City in Dec 2013) to try their latest creation of the Christmas season: Lucious Sweet Surrender made from the new Magnum Pink and Oasis of Chocolate Desires made from the Magnum Black. My mouth drools at the thought of going down for premium ice-cream! They only make 30 sets of their new Pink and Black creations each day so it is very exclusive indeed!

Lucious Sweet Surrender
This is a delightful combination of lemon sauce and raspberry coulis over strawberries, popping candy and the Magnum Pink. Staying true to the Magnum Pink’s flirtatious and playful flavour, it is delicately feminine and sweet, topped off with lovely edible flowers for a plate of perfection.

We all loved the fruity and berry flavour of the ice-cream and the tart sauce balances the sweet champagne Pink ice-cream really well. The beautiful design and colors are really a treat for the eyes, it islike a piece of art! Feast your eyes on these photos we took


And what goes with Pink? Black, of course!

The Oasis of Chocolate Desires
A rich and intense dessert, created with the espresso flavoured, Magnum Black. Drenched in delicious lavender espuma complimented with a liberal sprinkling of coffee dust and gold flakes, then topped off with a Magnum-monogrammed chocolate sheet, this carefully crafted dessert is sure to bring out the sophistication and elegance in you for Christmas.

This dessert looks gorgeous with the monogrammed chocolate sheet (if it was a bag print, I'd wear it) and soothing lavender colors. However, while it looked nice enough, our tastebuds were unfortunately not sophisticated enough for the lavender flavor espuma. It came across as putting soap in your mouth! But when eaten together with the espresso Black Magnum, it was still pretty nice so nothing much was wasted except the purple foam. LOL!

So, out of the Pink and Black, the vote definitely went to the Pink creation: Lucious Sweet Surrender.

The following are some of Magnum Pleasure Store's other delectable and mouth-watering creations, the drinks look pretty good too! I highly recommend going down and enjoy a custom Magnum creation if you are in the area. If not, there's always the nearest convenience store for your frequent Magnum fix!

What is your favourite Magnum flavor or Pleasure Store creation?