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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only; Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. For fashion fades, only style remains the same.
What is your #HappyMoment?

For Eileen its starting up her own fashion label “Noel Caleb with the vision of connecting people through fashion. Other than overseeing the creative concept and designs herself, she also encourage Noel Caleb fans and customers who have the interest in fashion design to join her in the designing process. Through their involvement, she understand her fans and customers better too, as she believes good fashion designs must be wearable and sought after by the target markets.

Most of her inspirations come from God - being a Christian, she seek His inputs a lot when she design the various collections. The Noel Caleb woman, whom they design for, is someone who loves colours, mix-and-match pieces and variety in her wardrobe. She is creative, experimental and fashion-forward. Very importantly, the Noel Caleb woman also has an inner beauty - she has a thanksgiving heart and is faithful. So the various collections has pieces which the woman can wear in a variety of ways, sometimes inside out/ pieces are reversible and still look good. With a different wearing of colours, textures, fabric, the same styles look different on the woman -turning her from a playful look to a more serious, sophisticated look.

The whimsical names of the collections through her words:-

Ballerina Diaries 

The inspiration comes about as ballerinas are seen as gentle, graceful in their movements, yet ballerinas spend years in practise, gathering strength from within, yet when you see a ballerina they are always gentle and graceful. That is why Noel Caleb we did our first collection Ballerina Diaries - to illustrate how a woman ought to appear like - gentle, soft and feminine. The colour hues we use in the collection are all pastels and there are lots of drapes, twist in the detailing of the designs.

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

Honey in a Rock 

Gemstones are girl's best friends, and they come in different shades and colours. Again, it takes a lot to make the raw stones turn to such beautiful gem stones. In this collection, the details are in the panelling designs and this collection is constructed like the multi-facet of a gemstones if you examine the workmanship of each tailoring pieces.

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

Teddy Girls 

This is inspired by the 1950s irreverent Teddy Girls movement. It has a vintage feel about the designs, yet we modernise how a 1950s girl will look like today. This collection is more quirky and we designed this collection for Tangs as it was sold exclusively for Tangs for 3 months, and now we sell it ourselves online at www.noelcaleb.com

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

Garden of Eden

God created the first woman, Eve, and if Eve was to come to today's world, what will she be wearing? The colour hues are largely inspired by that of a garden - green, brown, orange and beige. We also imagined that there are always butterflies in the Garden of Eden, hence some pieces of butterfly motifs or cut outs of butterflies on them. 

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb


Like all of us, Jonah is a character from the bible. He is always doing the opposite of what God wanted Him to do. His life is full of storms, as Jonah is a character who is defiant, likes to complain and refuses to listen. Jonah's designs are inspired by the 4 acts of Jonah: Jonah going the opposite way, Jonah went through the storm and eaten up by the big fish, Jonah delivering the message and saving lives and thereafter, Jonah complaining again about the sun, after the worm eats up the plant that Jonah was seeking shade from. 

Photo Credits: Noel Caleb

The clothes are made in Singapore (Noel Caleb have their own production line in Singapore), fabrics are sourced mostly from Europe or Japan and personally selected by Eileen. For she believes that fabrics are as important as the designs.

Her next collection will be launched around March - April 2014. 

I love the versatility of Noel Caleb’s collection – being able to wear them inside out for some pieces is really cool don’t you think? It brings fashion creativity and experimenting to a whole new level. I created two different looks with the #TeddyGirl Collection Skirt and also with #Jonah Collection Skirt too! Which is your favourite style?

#TeddyGirls Collection Skirt

#Jonah Collection Skirt

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