Empire State ~ A hidden gem in the heartland

These days when meal prices are cheap the quality of the food is not up to standard and when its pricey though the food quality is there but the portions are so measly one wonders which part of the stomach can it fill?

Jane and I went on a food hunt and stumbled upon Empire State. We are truly amazed by Empire State ~ they definitely lived up to the slogan of “value for money”! Not only were they able to strike a perfect balance between quality and quantity to bring you the best of both worlds in terms of fresh ingredients and affordable prices. The portions served are also considerably HUGE.

Mr Jeremy Low, Marketing Executive of Empire State

We kicked started our food expedition with drinks – “Summers Love (a blend of mango and strawberry)” and “World of Strawberry (strawberry milkshake)”.

From Left: Summers Love & World of Strawberry

If you are a soup lover you definitely want to try the puréed butternut squash and sweet potato soup drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, the soup is creamy enough but not overly rich to fill you stomach and you won’t be able to find this anywhere else!

All the appetizers on the menu were so appealing that we wanted to try them all so we requested if we could have a mixed platter. Definitely a good choice and we were not sorry for being greedy:P The cheese sticks are different they use spring roll skin instead of the conventional bread crumbs etc. thus making it less heavy and oily best paired with the garlic mayonnaise. The seafood rings goes well with the garlic mayonnaise dip too! Cheesey Mussels were yummilicious eaten on its own no fishy after taste. The buffalo wings were best paired with the honey mustard dip. All sauces/dips are homemade recipes.

I must say their “Squid Ink Pasta” was simply heavenly (p.s if your on a date please don’t order this you won’t want to look like you have just gargled with black ink) the texture was cooked to perfection with the right amount of garlic. 

A meal is never complete without desserts and so to wrap up one must of course indulge in their sinfully good “Empire State Sizzling Boston Brownie” (Rich Brownie topped with ice cream and drenched with hot chocolate fudge and nuts served on a sizzling hot plate)! Ladies trust me this is worth every single calorie! My motto indulge and gym tomorrow!

Their Chef, Wee Kok Wah has over 10 years of experience in western cuisine. A talented man who does his own “R&D” to come up with new dishes to entice you.

Seen here with Chef Wee and Mr Low of Empire State

I’m definitely coming back here again with my bro to try their signature “Empire State Burger” (an 8inch burger) which I heard so far no one is able to finish it alone or as a couple!

For more information check out their website Empire State; follow them on Facebook at @EmpireStateSG; Twitter at @EmpireStateSG to get the latest updates and promotions!