Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

Experience the difference with an impressive lineup of engaging and interactive programming launched - "Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction" at the ArtScience Museum

Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

Visitors to “Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction” can look forward to a multi-dimensional experience as the exhibition opens its doors at ArtScience Museum on 25 January 2014. The never-before seen exhibition, which creatively brings together four exhibitions, will run until 27 July 2014.

Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

Presented through the ArtScience lens, “Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction” takes visitors back in time more than 600 million years covering the era before dinosaurs walked the earth all the way until their extinction. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of how species evolved and adapted to changing environmental conditions.

Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

“The world of dinosaurs has always fascinated and intrigued many of us. There is no better way to satisfy the curiosity of children and adults at this visually stimulating exhibition than introducing them to a host of interactive activities tailored to suit different audiences and learning styles. The team has once again put our unique stamp on the exhibition by creatively combining Art and Science and presenting it through an engaging manner in the programming,” said Mr Ross Leo, Associate Director, ArtScience Museum.

The museum has crafted a unique exhibition that merges the amazing exhibition displays with engrossing programmes, interactive workshops and special guided tours that complement and engage visitors of all ages. Specially developed by ArtScience Museum, the activities aim to deepen visitors’ knowledge of dinosaurs and their ancestors.

Photo Credits: Marina Bay Sands

One of the unique programming arranged by ArtScience Museum is ‘Shadow Puppets Alive!’ where visitors can try their hands at creating their own Bullockornis or Megalania shadow puppet to bring home.

Visitors who aspire to be or wish to understand the work of a paleontologist can take part in a hands-on demonstration, ‘A day in the life of a Paleontologist’. During the demonstration, members of the audience will have numerous opportunities to participate, including handling tools and specimens, cleaning fossils, identifying bones and making a plaster cast from a dinosaur’s footprint.

Stop Motion Dinosaur Wipe-out

A series of engaging workshops and performances is also organized for visitors:

  •  ‘Stop Motion Dinosaur Wipe-out!’ – Film and dinosaur enthusiasts can create their own stop motion animation based on one of the main theories of mass dinosaur extinction: asteroid impact, climate change or volcanic eruptions.
  • ‘Dinosaur Tale”- Presented by local puppet theatre company, Paper Monkey Theatre, visitors will be taken on a journey of how animal life adapted over 600 million years, presented through magical puppetry.
  • Sketch-a-fossil’- A drawing workshop conducted by Isabelle Desjeux, a scientist turned artist, who brings fossils to life by having visitors draw them in detail and placing the art piece in a pre-historic landscape.
  • Sculpture Fun’ - Visitors can try their hands at carving their own sculpted fossil, be it a shell or bone, out of soap to bring home.

Marking the opening weekend of this amazing exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with Dr. Patricia Vickers-Rich and other invited guests. Learn from these experts through taking part in several special guided tours and talks on the first two opening days of the exhibition (25-26 January 2014):

Special Guided Tours
(25 and 26 January 2014; 12:30pm, 1.30pm and 4:30pm; beginning at the first gallery of Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction)

Embark on a guided tour to explore the living habits of dinosaurs and be introduced to the extraordinary creatures that roamed the earth. Gain insight into how the paintings of dinosaurs and their surroundings displayed at the exhibition were reconstructed through leveraging scientific evidence.

Exhibition Talk - The Paleontological Camera
(25 January 2014; 2.30pm to 4pm; held at Expression Gallery, Level 4 of ArtScience Museum)

Curator Dr. Patricia Vickers-Rich and artist Peter Trusler talk about their collaboration to bring to life visuals from as far back as 600 million years ago through their “paleontological camera”.

Exhibition Talk – The Origins of Dinosaurs
(25 January 2014; 5.30pm to 6.30pm; held at Expression Gallery, Level 4 of ArtScience Museum)

Learn about the fascinating origins of dinosaurs through an illustrated talk presented by Dr. Oscar Alcober, Director of San Juan National Science Museum.

For a complete listing of dates and times with all ArtScience Museum programming, please visit www.marinabaysands.com/ArtScienceMuseum.