Dia Frampton Live in Singapore @ TAB

Dia Frampton together with her sister Meg Frampton and guitarist Carlo Gimenez was back in Singapore performing at TAB last Monday, 27 Jan.

Warming up the audience for Dia Framption was an opening act by Mark Bonafide, Don Juan and Scat.

Before long Meg and Carlo immersed from the shadows followed by Dia whom Meg had to 'holler' to come out. The candid bickering between the trio over who should pluck the ending notes or had to restart because some notes were plucked wrongly added a personal touch to the show. She's one of the rare artistes who can sound better LIVE than in recording. She's not just another pretty face (flawless complexion to be exact *ENVY*),  she's a very talented young lady and inspirational. She puts so much passion in her music and its clearly show through her music. Dia has an amazing voice and powerful vocals. She can sing the lowest of the notes, the highest and she can hold them for so long too! What I like about her is that she takes the effort to interact with her fans in-between the gigs these little moments shows how sincere and honest she is.

Thank you Starhub & AXN-Asia for this special treat!

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