Shopperboard Part II: Get Creative!

Hey good people!

I'd received a few questions about how to use shopperboard, so here are some guidelines. Hope it helps! Well you see, the economy isn't exactly very stellar nowadays so I guess it would really help to win an entire wardrobe this season. :D Yes, no?

To recap, here's my first post on how to win a whole wardrobe this Christmas. This post will go into detail on how to make it the most creative so that it will be the winning entry, because that is their criteria. So this is definitely one contest you should join because it is based on merit and not some abstract luck.

Here's to introduce Shopperboard again--Shopperboard is set up specially for you to organise all your online shopping in one place. There is also a mobile verion coming up real soon, and basically this concept works on sharing what you wear with everyone else in the world. And it's a perfect place for inspiration too! You can check out what others wear :D

Yea, you got it right! So when you win things, you win things you want. Not nonsense that you would leave all around the house. And because the selection is not takes skill to making your board the most creative winning entry! Here is the Shopperboard Xmas mechanics again:--

ONE: Like Shopperboard's Facebook page.

TWO: Like & Share their contest post. Tagging your friends in the comments section is optional but doing that gives you +1 chances (up to max. 10 friends)

THREE: Sign up for your FREE account on Shopperboard.

FOUR: Create a Board titled exactly “ShopperBoard Christmas 2013” without the brackets. If it’s misspelt, they might not be able to find your Board for judging.

If you already have an existing Board that you feel can serve as your Christmas wishlist, simply change its title to the one above. Learn how to do it here.


Okay next, how do you make it creative? There is no point just signing up with a boring post and hoping you'd win right, since your board would be judged on creativity? The answer to a winning board therefore lies in knowing how to coordinate, and guess what? The Shopperboard button will help you in this quest!

Let's say you're a goth/rock/punk girl, and you want to change your style to a mix between sweet and girly. (well that's definitely creative right?) So basically, using the Boardbutton, you can go to any of your favorite girly online store to coordinate your clothes!

So be sure to install the shopperboard button yea? It's the magic wand to your desired wishlist! ;) The key is to make sure you use it on your favorite blogshops, so that you don't have to compromise for another piece of clothes.

Some hints: Pair up these shops: PEGMEUP, Didd, thetinselrack all sell pretty girly and pinkish stuffs. Or try MARCHSHOP or LOEF for a more sophicated feminine look. For atas shoes, check out Elska.

And meanwhile, check out what other people already have on their board, so that you can be better than them, or at least avoid a similar style :P *hint hint*

OKAY! Hope the above tips help. Remember to thank me when you do win! :D