Sauce Bar proudly presents *Mischief Managed*

The Monkeys were on the loose last Friday, 29 November to bring you Monkey Shoulder Whisky at Sauce Bar's 'Garden' which was turned into a Safari!

A cage filled with Monkey Shoulder Whisky caught my attention upon arrival - pick the right key that is and you could bring home a bottle of Monkey Shoulder Whisky! Unfortunately we were not so lucky though :p. However, the first lucky winner was Gerald Koo!! Look at him smirked in triumph - ENVY much!

Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt scotch Whisky - "Monkey Shoulder" is named in honour of the malt men, who are among the few to still turn the malting barley by hand. Monkey Shoulder was the name given to a temporary injury the malt men suffered many years ago. Working practices have now changed and the condition thankfully no longer exists. Monkey Shoulder is produced in small batches - 27 cases to be exact for a richer smoother taste. 

Now lets get to business...are you game enough in making a monkey (but not of yourself)? A placard reminds you of the "3 most important questions in your life time":-

1. How would you like your drink done?
2. Yes, we got our priorities right. But we disgress, this is not a question.
3. Pick your desired ingredients and head over to the Monkey Shoulder bars...(Yes, still not a question)

Judging from the snaking Q everyone is adventurous!

If conjuring is not your style one can always fall back on classic cocktails such as Mellow Monkey, Monkey Mojito, Old Fashion Monkey, Show Me the Monkey, Capuchin Monkey, Monkey Manhattan etc. What are you waiting for? Make a date, go down and have some mischief with kids in tow! Kiddos can of course have mocktails. Who says you can't have fun once your married with kids?

Special thanks to Sauce Bar for inviting us to the event.

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