Reveur Review!

Hello everyone!

Just last week, I went to the salon to get a digital perm. I have never ever did anything to my hair in my entire life except cutting it. My hairdresser told me that my hair was too “healthy” and after the digital perm, it might get damaged. Still, I continued with the perm. And guess what? I kinda regretted it:(

This is a picture of my hair after my first perm.

I know the curls are SUPER DUPER FAB BUT the perms died after the first wash back home with my Dove shampoo. And then I had to go back to the salon to “thin” my hair (really hate how thin it is now) and also to do another perm :(

And. Here's a picture of my really damaged and crappy hair after the second perm.

I was super depressed for a few days because of my hair. I used to have really long, thick straight hair like this, before the digital perm!

AND NOW... *sigh* This was because I did the digital perm TWICE, and even after 2 times my hair isn't curling at all. WHICH IS REALLY BAD. That meant that I actually had to undergo 2 times of leaving my hair in chemicals and I didn't even get the results that I wanted. I used to have no problems with my hair at all but now I have to deal with frizzy ends and what not. I wasn't really particular about shampoos and hair products back then, I didn't even use a conditioner!

After my perm, my hairdresser told me how important it was to at least leave on some conditioner, or hair treatment at least, especially when you have coloured/permed/rebonded hair. AND she mentioned that the reason why my hair was so stubborn was because I kept using those shampoos (have been using dove) that contain a lot of silicon.

Silicons actually do allow our hair to become moisturized and smooth, as they act as a protective coat. It actually makes our hair look shiner and smoother.

But what exactly is so bad about silicon? If you didn't know, silicon in shampoos can actually cause extreme hair loss, dry, frizzy hair. And if you're unlucky, it does actually cause scalp irritation (the reason why your scalp itches when using shampoos with silicon). Although the effects of using silicon containing shampoos are not immediate, you will bound to face these problems when you grow older. It will cause hair to become dry, dull, flat and unhealthy :(

BUT. All is not lost. A few days back, Santa left these two bottles of Reveur Memoir Moist and Gloss at my doorstep!

Reveur shampoo is silicone free
My hairdresser made it compulsory for me to use silicone free shampoo as she said she didn't want my healthy hair to be damaged even further after the digital perm.

Reveur is extremely popular in Japan, and I heard they already sold 50 million bottles in just 2 years! I'm always excited about any products from japan, especially for make-up and hair products because you know how fussy japanese people are with their looks. Unlike Singaporeans, Japanese people do put a lot of effort in making sure that they leave their house with perfect hair! I was really hoping that at least the Reveur shampoo would let my hair become a little less frizzy.

Reveur Moist & Gloss Shampoo

Reveur Moist & Gloss Treatment

To care for your hair is the moment when you noursh your hair and scalp. The harmony of “violet” is inspired from 14 different essences with 3 bounties of the earth. Experience the vitality and healing power of “Reveur Moist & Gloss”

Purple has a way of making your hair shine mysteriously. With 17 different kinds of ingredients derived naturally from the nature, frequent use of reveur M&G shampoo will result in a head full of well-moisturised hair that is easy to manage. Its rich lather captures and wraps dirt thoroughly, making it easy to rinse off while moisturising your hair deeply! Even with no silicone, it is even able to give you the same feeling of silkiness and smoothness. Enjoy the bliss of having supple and manageable hair everyday!

In both the shampoo and hair treatment, there are:


1. Astrocaryum Murumuru butter
Give rich moisture and shine, to smoothen your scalp

2. Havas oil
Harmonize well with each strand of hair with its light touch to give natural shine and suppleness

3. Jojoba seeds essence
Smoothens hair and prevents a sticky/oily scalp

What's best about this shampoo is that it is MADE IN JAPAN! Here's the proof:)

So happy about it. I seriously hate to use/will avoid using products that are manufactured in China (not being prejudiced). I believe that generally, products that are manufactured in Japan would be at least be a little more ethical and more carefully taken care of?

Anyway, here's a picture of my soft, silicone free & damage free hair! It's really soft and glossy and damage-free now!

And guess what? 
As part of the Festive Cheer, Japalang is giving YOU our dear RxRater a chance to experience the goodness of this Reveur Shampoo and Conditioner set too.
And it's really simple, here's how to win this set!

Step 1: Like Reveur Memoire's facebook page
Step 2: Like Rach X Rella's facebook page 
Step 3: Leave a comment to this blogpost on why you would want to win Reveur's Moist and Gloss Haircare Set!

And we're done! 
The 1 winner would be announced on Saturday, 28th December. 
Have fun commenting! 
Do look out for my next post! Gonna head to Sentosa now! :)


  1. I've frizzy hair, it's quite long and drying at the end and I can't bear to cut it short. I hope I would win this Reveur's Moist and Gloss Haircare set which is filled with natural goodness, so that my hair can stay glossy and healthy :D

  2. what better way to greet the consecutive festive seasons than to have a lock of shiny, black, healthy hair like snow white's!!! If I win this, my experience will be sheer evidence of the the goodness of natural Reveur Shampoo and Conditioner set, and sharing this goodness just ties in so well with the Christmas Spirit! Merry Xmas!

  3. Oh finally a product is silicone free! Gone will be days of itchy scalp and dry end-splitting hair! Oh and did i mention that any product form Japan, i will definitely devote my trust! Please Santa, let me see this wondefrul set in my christmas socks! =)

    1. Hey Berdylim, you'd won the shampoo set! :D Please drop us an email at within 48 hours to claim your prize!

  4. whoa serious. i didn't know shampoos contained silicon & that they caused hair loss D: yikes. gotta go check my current shampoo. maybe that's why it makes my hair smooth but makes me drop a lot of hair :( I used to like Dove shampoo as well!