Premiere of LightSeeker, An RWS Musical

The RWS Musical, LightSeeker officially premiered on 28 Nov 2013 and I was privileged to be invited by RWS to catch the show!

Looking at the numerous grand sets and the gorgeous, intricate costumes of the cast one can tell that neither expense nor effort was spared in the making of this spectacular musical! Thats not all, the CGI effects and the 3D animation were a visual feast! Makes you feel that you are part of the show and transitioning with the characters into the different scenes.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa
The musical began with the Narrator unfolding the story of the LightSeeker to the audience. Before they were enchanted and captured into the musical by the powerful and beautiful voices of Nova, Usha & The General. Min the imp with his wittiness and mischief injects slap stick humor in-between scenes making the musical more light-hearted!

Photo Credits: Resorts World Sentosa

Lightseeker, is no ordinary musical, its jam packed not only with an array of songs, dance, aerial acrobatics and contortionists as well as an amazing talented international cast. Which will simply take your breath away leaving you in AWE and amazement! 

 Photo Credits: Resorts World Sentosa

Photo Credits: Resorts World Sentosa
Through the eyes of my gal, the musical was AWESOME she loved it so much and couldn't stop jabbering about it.The song "The Light Within" is truly inspirational and motivational, I have the tune somehow imbedded into my mind and cant shake it off.

LightSeeker is now showing at the Resorts World Theatre till 23 March 2014. The show is 90 minutes long with a 20 minute intermission. Its in English but Mandarin subtitles are available on screens located on both side of the stage.

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