Off With Her Hair!

We all KNOW how a great hairstyle can totally change your life. Yes, it changes everything. (LOL, at least for 2 weeks!) Anyway, once people around you stopped talking about how good you look, it is always an indicator that it is time to change your hairstyle.

Thanks to friends in high places (I'm talking about the amazing Gabrielle from Beauty Undercover) I got the chance to refresh my locks. I can't say how honoured and priviledged to have the opportunity to go to Air Salon for a hair makeover.

First of all, I don't like to do too much research before I go and review anything, just so that I can get a fresh and unbiased opinion. So I walked in only knowing that I'm meeting Jonathan (who was one of the owners) and Gabrielle from Beauty Undercover. I was quickly introduced to the senior hairstylist of Air Salon: the gorgeous and very empowering Elaine. I didn't KNOW she was a senior stylish because she looks so young!

Elaine was quick to discuss my preferences, and later gently point out the problems with my current style, which I was quite tired of anyway. She came across as a very knowledgeable stylist and since I was all ready for a change, I left my hairstyle to the experienced Elaine with full confidence!

Air Salon is unique because they use natural Aveda products and they start off with a sip of fragrant Aveda tea (I love!) and a short, relaxing opening ritual using this minty Blue Oil. It is something they do for all their customers! It was extremely relaxing and really makes a difference in the entire experience as changing your hairstyle is also refreshing for the being. Breathe in, breathe out... Here goes!

Really Off with her hair! I'm chopping off most of it to keep it light and manageable.
Elaine explains that a shorter hair once in a while is best as it will relax the roots because long heavy hair pulls on them.
She also mentioned she will give me a soft ultrasonic perm to give it volume that is more suitable for my face shape.

Because I have very fine and delicate hair which is slightly damaged from perming and coloring, she recommended a collagen treatment with a special infra-red wand.
This special wand does not heat or burn but rather use infra-red rays to penetrate the treatment essense into your hair layers. I certainly felt my hair was stronger after the treatment.

Time for the perm!

Elaine is an extremely careful and meticulous hairstylist. She does take a little longer but it ensures good results. She makes sure every step is done properly so that the final result is predictable and just the way she wants! I really admire this kind of work ethics.

Yeah! I have a halo over me... and it is hot!
Ok, more pampering treatment from Elaine. This is a step that all their customers get to enjoy when doing their hair: A relaxing hand treatment!

My hands feel so refreshed. You certainly don't get this kind of VIP treatment at other salons for sure!

Most of their hair and skin care products are from Aveda. They chose this brand because it is natural and caring. I really love the level of attention that every little aspect of this salon is built upon.
We are so close to the finish! Rinsing away the perm lotion now...
Time for the final reveal...

We are so excited and happy haha...

Yeah! A first look. Elaine uses some hair lotion to style my hair and enhance the curls.

Seriously do get these Aveda products if you have curly hair! They smell fantastic and are really nourishing for your hair.

You see? Hot or not? LOL

I'm super loving my hair now!

Seriously so feminine and Japanese Ma-chan!
Time for final photos with my awesome rockstar hairstylist! She's definitely RxRated in my opinion!


Air Salon
They are a relatively new celebrity hair salon opened by three guys: Lee Teng, Jonathan and Ark Lin. Their lead hairstylist is Ark Lin, a very experienced hairstylist that did numerous magazine covers and celebrity hairstyles. They have a very strong sense of purpose to become a leading hair salon in Singapore and I can see that they hire passionate and self-motivated people as part of the team. Also, do not be afraid of the term "celebrity hair salon" when considering them as your next hair salon, because they do have very afforable rates compared other celebrity hair salons. So far, it is my best experience at a hair salon, bar none, so I really want you all to check it out!

Facebook page:

More about Beauty Undercover
Finding a lack in the market for good hair salon reviews, Beauty Undercover was established., as their name suggests, is all about Real Reviews by Real Customers; Make Smarter Salon Choices. They scrutinize reviews from real customers, and even make mystery visits to secretly good salons. And you, as a consumer, can also get to share your recent salon experiences from your browser, phone or desktop, anywhere anytime.

It is the perfect place to turn to, especially during this holiday season, when hunting for the best hair salons in Singapore to give you a new look! Beauty Undercover focuses on the best, most real and honest reviews. It is not about profits but more about consumer empowerment through better knowledge, just like what we love and support at RachRella!


A Prologue
I used to go to Malaysia to save just a little more money on styling my hair. Although I'm not trying to offend our neighbours (which I still love for their shopping and spa), I've come to realize two things after all these years of visiting salons here and there:
1. Singapore's stylists are usually more well-trained and experienced and their salons. You basically do get what you pay for.
2. Singapore salons can be held more accountable than a salon from overseas. So, perhaps that is why they treat you more seriously.

Do drop by Air Salon and Beauty Undercover when you get a chance.