LED Light Conversion - Part Two - The Savings

Sorry this took so long! If you have read Part One, you would know that I'd been living with LED lights since August (http://www.rachrella.com/#!/2013/09/led-light-conversion-part-1.html). The LED lights have totally integrated into my house and life so I forgot about the savings... until I looked at my latest bill:

yeah, my electrical consumption is a lot more than the national average... cos of the *cough* aircon *cough.

A bar graph showing the average consumption for the first part of the year (before the LED conversion).
This shows the savings after LED consumption, after the installation.
Thanks to SP Services, I can obviously see a great difference in the consumption even only in 3 months after the installation. That is a roughly a saving of 18% ever since the house conversion. They should just call it House Transformation. LOL!

Needless to say, if you use a lot of electricity at home, it is really a no-brainer to switch to LED lighting. In the long run, you not only get your money's worth, you will also save a whole lot of money in your monthly bill.

I also want to thank Gaiawerks again for their generous conversion of my home! Do check them out because their conversion fees and bulbs are more cost-effective than the typical supermarket/DIY store brand.