Jaime Paul Art Exhibition: Keep the Rage

About a week ago, I was at tiong bahru for an art exhibition by Jaime Paul. Jordan (fellow blogger) was with me to attend this exhibition as well. I really loved the ambience as there was good music (there was even a turntable!) and I could tell that the people there really had a thing or two for art! The hosts were really friendly and offered us beer as well. I would say that Jamie Paul's artworks were amazing. Almost all of his artworks involved charcoal and acrylic on canvas, and I really appreciated the richness and depth of the drawings. There was quite an obvious eastern influence in many of his drawings, and a mix of modern and olden chinese elements. There were many drawings of terracotta armies and Chinese generals infused with subtle English words that gave the slight hint of a west meets east effect. My favourite piece would be the man with the lion's headpiece, which was going for about 900 bucks! Loved the details and how there was a 3D effect from the charcoal! I really admire this guy, because one must understand that it is no easy feat to paint with charcoal!
All in all, I would say that his artworks were really brilliant pieces contemporary art! Hope that the arts scene in Singapore would bloom:) I think art is extremely important in our lives, and even more so in such a cosmopolitan city like Singapore. Thank you for the invite!

Tata for now!

Mei Shu

Jamie Paul’s illustration of the woman with the lion head caught my attention the most. Just like the illustration of the man, it was an extremely detailed piece of drawing. Just be admiring the drawing, I could feel the fierceness of the drawing well as understand how much time he have had to invest into art to be able to produce such a magnificent piece. Yet he also did a very demure piece of a Japanese girl which was manga inspired. I really admire his versatility in art, which is not found in many artists. This small yet powerful exhibition really shows his ability in expressing different emotions. In addition, in order to have the 3D effect, he made used of different drawings pasted on each other causing them to have a fore and background twist to it. Kudos to the Artist Jamie Paul!


In order to lend a hand to fellow Singaporeans who aspire to become an artist like Jamie Paul, we have asked him several questions regarding his journey as an artist as well as his motivations to be an artist.

    When did you first started to become a professional artist?
    Since I finished university in the UK, so over 10 years now.
    What were your motivations to become a professional artist?
    I have always painted and drawn images so it was a natural progression to continue doing so in later life, I wouldn't be happy doing anything else!
    Why the fascination with Astro Boy?
    I used Astro Boy in an older work and it seems to have hung around for a while. In the context I was using it I was referring to it as a symbol of a merger of Eastern and Western ideas and philosophies - for example, Astro Boy is a uniquely Asian image but was inspired by Disney, however, there are numerous meanings and interpretations.
    What are your views on Singapore's Art scene and how will we be able to further encourage the appreciation of the Arts in Singapore?
    I have lived in Singapore for nearly 6 years now and have seen an improvement in the scene in that time with some interesting and exciting artists creating work. I think artists need to take more risks and stick to what they believe in regardless of whether they make money or not, in doing so they will create work that will always be appreciated by an audience here in Singapore.
    What advice do you have for the aspiring artists in Singapore?
    Keep doing what they are doing, being an artist is not easy. Take more risks, don't worry about short term money making and shake things up a little!