Hi everyone! This is my very first post on this blog and it's going to be about... beauty! I received a pot of goodness from Innisfree, a korean skincare line that is au naturel! This is the pot of goodness I'm talking about!
 Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

Innisfree promises to deliver the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju for your beauty. Yes, Jeju island is a part of Korea, and it's one of Korea's most beautiful places (especially in autumn)! Jeju has always been one of my dream destinations for vacation ever since I went crazy over the phenomenal K-Drama, Boys Over Flowers. Anyway, Jeju island is basically a volcanic island, and that would explain the origin of this super volcanic pore clay mask. Here's one of Jeju's volcanoes! Doesn't it fascinate you?

Back to the product. Innisfree uses Jeju's volcanic scoria and hardened lava for this clay mask. Volcanic scoria is essentially referring to volcanic rocks! So some of you might ask, why volvanic rocks? Do you know that volcanic rocks or ashes are one of the BEST natural fertilisers of Mother Nature? Though volcanoes do cause much destruction, but the ashes that we get from the terrifying erruptions are EXTREMELY nutritious, not only for food crops but also for our faces!
Inside the pot!

This super volcanic pore clay mask is supposedly better than red clay masks, and it aims to fulfill 6 uses, which are: Pore tightening Removal of sebum Exfoliates dead skin cells Deep cleansing Enhances your skin tone Provides a cooling effect on your skin I'll try on the mask in a second, and will be back to tell you the good news!

So, here's me with my au naturel face mask.


 One might be rather doubtful about using this volcanic clay mask because you might be afraid that it might have a repelling scent, but NO WORRIES! It smells perfectly refreshing! It has a rather light flowery scent, and the scent is so mild that the clay mask is almost odourless! I LOVED APPLYING THE MASK ON MY FACE! (It felt like play dough, just smoother and non greasy). I let my skin soak up that volcanic goodness while I continued snapping some photos :)


So after 10 good minutes, it was time to rinse it off! Honestly, I didn't feel like washing it away cause the cooling effect was EXTREMELY RELAXING! It felt like cold wind blowing on your face! Oh, and this is a close up of how the mask looked like:

 You can actually see some very very tiny small bumps and those are actually part of the clay mask! When you're washing the product off your face, you'll be rubbing these tiny little particles against your skin and it acts as a form of a gentle exfoliator! I guess thats how you get those yucky sebum and dead skin cells out of your tiny pores! I would say that this product is rather efficient, cause it took me about a minute to apply and another to wash it off! It did fulfil most of the uses for me, and perhaps you should try ask well! I had a really enjoyable time using this mask :)

If you want to know more about Innisfree, click here  for their facebook page! If you do know how to read korean, you can visit their very own website right here! You'll definitely get to feast your eyes on some pretty boys as well. The handsome and charismatic Korean lad, star of teen grossing K-Drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho is one of their ambassadors! How cool is that? Hope to be doing another beauty review for you girlies out there!

Tata for now!