Are you an RxRater? - Xmas Guide & Giveaway

 Hey RxRaters! It is time to show that you are a great fan of our work, blog and giveaways! It's been just THREE months since we started this blog and we want to end the year with a BANG! Do join our first RxRated giveaway:

*Xmas Giveaway* Check out our awesome #RxRated Xmas Guide, give it a Like (click on the <3 Like on the page)

We have these awesome prizes to giveaway:
1. FOUR winners of RxR badges (magnets or keychains) and New Year Yoda Postcards sets.
2. One Grand Prize winner of RxR badges (magnets or keychains), New Year Yoda Postcards set and a smexy RxR Tank Top!

How to win?
1. Like and Share this post.
2. Like the guide on the link (
3. Comment that you have done so!
*Brownie points if you also comment on your favorite item in the guide or recommend other items for future guides!

Remember, when you support us, you are supporting a bunch of hardworking and self-motivated girls (and guys) AND also celebrating the spirit of giving!

Thank you so much and all the best for the New Year! We also want to thank our RxR Brand sponsors again Revival Trading Group and Super Store Singapore:

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  1. Nice Xmas Guide you have here! Will like to see more suggestions for kids gifts and places to dine during Xmas :)