Danahan: A Korean Cosmetic Line

Hey girls! It's me again, and I'm going to do another review on beauty products :) I received a few products from Danahan, which is also a Korean beauty/cosmetic line! So these were the products I received!

    Danahan's eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick

   I loved their packaging, especially for the lipstick! Resembled Benefit's fake up concealer. Chic!

    The mascara!

    Glittery duo eyeshadow

Was rather excited to use the mascara, cause they always say that either Korean/Japanese mascaras work the best! Anyway, some of you might have never heard of Danahan before, so what I have below is a brief summary of the brand!

What is Danahan?

DANAHAN is a traditional oriental cosmetic line based on the principle of positive and negative energy, created with Hyoyong-Jinaek (fermented deer antlers) and 30 Hongbodan or thirty kinds of oriental ingredients listed in Bonchogangmok, Donguibogam and various traditional medical books.


Meaning “fermented young deer antlers”, an ingredient used to promote one’s body’s metabolism and strength. It is matured at low temperatures and bio-fermented to optimal lactobacillus content in order to draw out its effectiveness. It is believed to add resilience and radiance to one’s skin by increasing skin stamina and recovery.

Sounds really tcm-ish huh? I suppose their research is also based a lot on Chinese medicine, which made me really curious about it! I mean like, many cosmetics that we see on the shelves nowadays are based on western science, and are all based on chemicals and what not. I guess it's better to use products than are more natural, or at least, contain less man-made chemicals?

Just a day or two ago I decided to ditch some of my makeup products and replaced them with the products that I received from Dananhan! I did try a little of the eye-shadow, but not too much of it.The colour I tried on in the picture below was the lighter grey tone! I actually loved how it felt rather light on my eyelids, and did not have the cake-y feel like how most eye-shadows would.

    A little eye-shadow on my lids!

The thing I loved best about the lip-gloss was it's natural colour! It really suited my natural lip colour, and went smoothly on my lips. No sticky feeling, which is something I really hate about certain lip-gloss. It had a slight flowery scent which was totally great! I don't like any of my makeup to have any sort of pungent scent, even if it were pleasant. I find make up with strong scents rather overwhelming. Plus, the lip-gloss lasted on my for about 3 hours. I couldn't believe it either, since I was the kind who always loved to bite my lips every now and then, haha.

    Danahan's lipgloss in natural shade

This mascara is actually my favourite of the three products that I received! Firstly, I seriously was very amazed when I applied it for the first time. It felt like I had nothing on my lashes at all! And there were ZERO clumps. I'm not kidding, here's a photo.

    Danahan's mascara

By the way, I do not own an eyelash curler because I'm still a noob at it, and my lashes still looked a little curled from the mascara! Don't you think so? Not that I'm saying that it's the best mascara in the world, but better than the ones I've been using. By the way, the removal process was quick and easy! Thank God for that.

Well, I suppose I had a good experience using their products, which I'm really glad about. I hope my mascara doesn't run out too soon! I guess I'll conclude my review on Danahan's products right here! For more information about Dananhan, visit their Facebook page, or their website!

Stay tuned for more beauty reviews! ~

Tata for now :)