Black Paint Singapore Media Launch


First of all, I would like to thank blackpaintsg for inviting us to the Black Paint Singapore Media Launch! I must say that it was indeed a very delightful evening for my friend (Shawn) who's also a fellow guest blogger and I. I felt rather enlightened after the event as well! All thanks to Miss Miyuki Maeda, an inspiring, charismatic and influential lady. I loved how she combined intelligence and beauty together!

Here's a profile of the Black Paint Founder, Miss Miyuki Maeda.

Miyuki created the original health philosophy based on the study of enteric bacteria. Overcoming a sickness changed her life and eventually led her to create a new brand with the concept that is daily inner and outer self-care. With over twenty years of experience studying human enteric bacteria and nutrition, staphylococcus epidermis she is an active health care trainer, natural therapist, and inner beauty consultant. She is a lecturer at a prefectural university as well as other universities teaching on women's health from enteric bacteria including “Insufficient Nutrients,” "What to Eat Before Becoming A Mother," and "The Meal of An Intelligent Child”. She lectures over fifty times yearly in department stores throughout Japan. In between that time, she counsels over 30,000 people on their skin and gives advice on the health through the pores. She also develops skin care products based on the studies on natural organic skin care and staphylococcus epidermis. She established her own organic skin care factory in Kyoto.   She suggests moisture care by moistening the skin with the water containing 30 elements and minerals without sterilization and disinfection. Apart from staphylococcus epidermis, she also conducts research on enteric bacteria, essential minerals, as well as 'oil' health studies which she incorporates into the product development.

    Shawn, Miss Miyuki Maeda and I

The event started with some picture taking (of course) and really scrumptious appetizers! Loved the food there, and I must say that Alkaff Mansion Ristorante had a really lovely ambience! Cosy and classy at the same time. We were warmly greeted by these two ladies when we entered!

    Signing in...

Off to take some pictures with Black Paint's products!

In the restaurant and being served some really good food!

I must say that the waiters were extremely courteous and friendly. Loved how they treated us so well. And the photographer was awesome. He adjusted the lighting for us whenever we we taking photos of any particular objects! So we walked around the room and snapped some pictures of what were on display!

The full set of Black Paint Products with really cute labeling!

I was browsing the concept book before the seminar and I must say that i was totally captured by the story behind Black Paint! It just speaks a sense of genuinity and intelligence to me. It is basically based very much on nature and what is natural. It also shows the relevance between our skin and our organs, which is actually rather relevant to TCM (if you are into it). I would not say that I am a well read person about TCM, but I do read about it and I find that I am sort of inclined to TCM rather than common western medicine. Miss Miyuki Maeda explained to us how our diet and lifestyle can actually affect how our skin looks, and that how our skin reflects the state of our health! Did you know that your skin is actually an organ, like the heart, stomach, etc? Well now you do!

So after the really educational talk, we proceeded to trying out the products right on the spot! I really loved the hands on session, many other bloggers were so immersed into it that they were using it on their faces! I used them on my hand though, didn't wanna smudge my mascara, haha.

    Trying out the black paint!

   Shawn trying out best water

   Shawn trying out the black sponge

After the whole seminar, the hosts prepared some light supper for us! How lovely can they get! Here's a picture of the food! Loved all of it.

    Last photo before we say goodbye

Do look out for my product review (and shawn's) on the next post coming up soon!

Meanwhile, check out their facebook page and instagram (@blackpaintsg) for now!