Will Work For Chocolate: Luxby Review

Chocolate and cake are my two favorite indulgences. I don't really know why but I highly suspect it is something in the X-chromosome that makes us attracted to sweets and desserts.

Instinctively, when I heard of Luxby.co, I can't resist the urge to just get it! If you have not heard, Luxby (http://luxby.co/) delivers award-winning, boutique gourmet chocolates not normally found on the shores of Singapore to your doorstep. So far, I see the benefits as:

- Your house will never run out of chocolates again!
- You get to taste weird and wonderful chocolates from around the world.

It might seem like a weird concept but it was a life-changing experience when I bought a Chilli and Lime Dark Chocolate from Mustafa many years ago. It opened my eyes to the way chocolate could taste and feel even with strange, unusual flavors. It also changed my opinion about food in general and I've been expanding my flavor palate ever since!

Here are the 3 chocolatey bars you get in the Nov box:

Patric's PBG OMG
This brand is new to me. Patric is a Missouri-based small-scale chocolate maker. As the name suggests, this is Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate... and it is truly OMG!!! When you first taste it, it has a smokey, nutty flavor that is sweet and salty. The peanut butter taste is very pronounced and really goes well with fruity chocolate flavor. Try it to believe it!

I love the signature stamp on the bar. It shows each bar is lovingly hand-crafted and good enough for their brand!
#2 Dagoba New Moon
I actually ordered this brand of chocolate from iHerb.com (my fav. US shopping site) just last month and immediately regretted it. Because it melted!!! DUH!!! Ok, so I'm not the smartest girl in the room here but anyway, I love my chocolates and I'm always trying new brands if I can get my hands on them. Dagoba New Moon is 74% dark cocoa, just my type! When you try it, it is sour and sweet but melts away into a really silky smooth texture and leaves a lingering sweetness. Plus, it is certified organic!

The vertical scores remind me of kit-kat!

#3 Valhorna Ampamakia 2012 Madagascar
I've seen this bar selling at FairPrice Finest (Bukit Timah). It is really an enjoyable bar of chocolate. Quite bitter and sour due to 64% Dark Cocoa but the flavor of chocolate is very distinct after you have tried it.

The gold wrapper really speaks luxury.
If you are up for a sweet adventure, why not consider subscribing to Luxby.co today? We are certainly ready for some long-term chocolate goodness from them!

Join us again next month for more Luxby reviews and also get your hands on a 1-month subscription of Luxby chocolates!


  1. I worship chocolates! Hope you have more reviews on chocolates / desserts! Ps: you may want to try amedei chocolate as well (their hazelnut spread is pretty awesome!)

  2. OMg!! I'll work for chocolate too!! Esp love the Valrhona cos they specialize in dark dark chocolate.. woo..

  3. I LOVE THis! :) CHOCOALTE ^^

  4. Thank you for the comments! Do stay tuned for the giveaway soon~