Why We Secretly Hate (Some) Bloggers

There, I said it so it is not a secret anymore (haha). I have to clarify that we do not hate ALL bloggers but the really terrible ones. We hate them because they make blogging scene on the whole seem like a cheap, attention-seeking and selfish activity.

Who do we classify as a bad blogger:
1. Blog for the sake of blogging. Passionless, unmotivated bloggers who start blogs because they are jealous other bloggers getting "free stuff" is not the right attitude to start a blog.
2. Talentless. Blogging demands you to firstly be an authoritative figure on a subject, to write or take photos pretty well (and/or possess a lovely "personality" (typically defined by cup size). Sure, anyone can start a blog, but it takes effort and time to make it good.
3. Bloggers who think that they own the world just because they own a blog.

In light of a certain blogger incident, and because we are a new blog, we feel that we HAVE to make our stance clear.

First of all, we do not think that bloggers are beggars and should not behave or be treated as one. Due to real-world marketing background and experience that we girls at RxR possess, we do know that (when used the right way) a blog can a powerful marketing tool to expand your business. This, however, does not mean we have the power to threaten or blackmail anyone, now or in the future.

On the flip side, being famous or popular (speaking for other great bloggers out there) doesn't automatically make them a snob. The best bloggers we meet are extremely humble and approachable.

Our stance on Sponsorships:
Yeah, of COURSE we want sponsors! We are different because we do not rely on banner ads or affiliate ads revenue to maintain our blog. Without sponsors and support from the readers, our blog would be non-existent. If you think that a blog is free, think again. Domain name and hosting is already costing us $150/year and we also put ads up with spare cash. We are really not earning much from this hobby. For this reason, we approach people for sponsorships in order to keep it running and increase viewership as well. However we ONLY blog for companies, businesses and people that we feel comfortable for blogging for and most times we are happy to blog for nothing at all because we simply love what we do and we sincerely believe sharing is caring.

Our attitude:
We do not condone rude behaviour. Sponsors do not owe us anything and we always feel humbled when someone accepts our proposal. If you accept our blog proposals, you should equally be able to critic our work and reviews as with our readers do and let us know when we are doing badly.

Likewise, if you are a sponsor, it is not OK to be rude to bloggers. Not matter how small we are, we are still human. Even if you do think we are ridiculous beggars and wish to reject us, beggars still deserve respect and it really shows a lot of your character if you are rude to anyone.

Who we want to be:
RachRella.com IS a blog and therefore we are bloggers. But we aim to be different and unique. We mainly want to be a high quality and interesting blog boutique in Singapore and make it what it really is: An expression of passion and interest. If you are a reader, author or sponsor of RachRella.com, we sincerely thank you for your faith in us.