Why Alkaline Water is Good!

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Remember Novita and their bright, pretty and colourful pitchers? My mom actually queued up to get the green pitcher because of the colour--because it's such a pretty addition to any kitchen!

Apart from the colour, I became an instant fan because the filtered water was so smooth. It was when I went to get the refill that I realised that the filter makes water alkaline.

Well, roughly 70% of your body is water. Alkaline water is also known as ionized water. And scientifically, it is defined as having a pH level of greater than 7. And usually, ESPECIALLy for people like me who eat all sorts of nonsense, the pH in my body tends towards acidic. So alkaline water is great for balancing it out!

There are various health benefits associated with it:

1. Slow down the aging process.
Most of us actually consume a highly acidic diet, which forces our bodies to balance out this pH by taking essential elements such as calcium from our bones, tissues and teeth. In the long term this obviously leads to osteoporosis, and kidney disorders, and also bad posture.

2. Normalize blood circulation and hydration levels.
Because of our bodies' homoeostasis, blood circulation will be stabilised with regular consumption of alkaline water. In addition, because alkaline water is lighter than acidic water, it is better at hydrating our bodies since the absorbtion rate is higher. Over time, ionized water can lead to glossier hair and skin.

To be honest, even if you were to disregard the health benefits, just get the filter because it makes water so much nicer to drink!! :D One filter lasts for a month approximately, 6 costs $89. Which translates to around $15/filter.

So I was just thinking, if you were to buy a water bottle, and also buy a filter to use for a month, you actually spend $15 per month. $15 could buy you, alternatively 15 bottles of mineral water (assuming $1 per bottle). This makes buying the filter extremely economical, no? You could firstly drink more water, and secondly, be more environmentally-friendly! This is what sustainable growth is all about!

So wait no more! You can get the filter here from Novita's website. It's really nice-tasting water!~~ <3
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  1. Never try it before and still considering if I should get one.