Thick, Gooey & Sticky

Do you know what Rickshaw/Trishaw Noodles is? Or even heard about it before? The Teochew called it "Nap Mee"

The dish was named after rickshaw/trishaw riders who were its usual customers who ate them throughout the day to fuel them as they plied their routes pulling their rickshaws. It was then the cheapest dish, their staple and considered most nourshing too! 

Rickshaw noodles is a dish of stewed yellow noodles, in pork broth, with bits of minced meat and cai xin, topped with shallots & crispy pork lard. It's often paired with fried food like wanton, fishcake etc. as a side dish. Looks are deceiving it may not loook appetizing but it surely taste yummilicious! 

If you are interested in having the recipe let me know am more then happy to post it up for you ;)