The Sauce Bar X Hendricks' Cocktail Buffet Launch

Yesterday was the launch of The Sauce Bar X Hendricks' Gin Cocktail Buffet".


It was a wonderful evening, the skies cleared up giving way to a cool evening breeze. Most ideal for chilling alfresco style at Sauce Bar whilst people watching!

Whats in a Cocktail Buffet you might ask well in the Sauce Bar version, they let you concoct your very own cocktail to suit yourself! The bar is filled with Hendricks' Gin, a bathtub full of 'potions' - kidding its just 8 different type of mixers;

No. 1 Lychee, Mint
No. 2 Pandan, Lycee, Lemon
No. 3 Ribena, Lemon
No. 4 Earl Grey Tea, Honey, Calamansi
No. 5 Raspberry, Apple, Mint
No. 6 Kaffir Lime Leave, Lychee
No. 7 Apple, Apple Sour, Rosemary
No. 8 Cucumber, Mint, Lemon

if you like your cocktail alittle sweeter you can add a few droplets of sugar syrup and for the finishing touches put on your favorite garnish - take your pick from cucumber sticks, sugarcane sticks or lemon grass sticks. Ain't this cool?

My personal favorite mixer is a tie between No. 2 with sugercane stick (I just realize the sugarcane after being soaked in gin tastes really yummilicious!) and No. 8 with of course a cucumber stick its a refreshing cocktail plus cucumber helps hydrates you too ;)

Oh did I mention they have great food too! The mini burgers, chicken meatballs, calamari rings & fries are so yummy, a great pairing with the cocktails! 

Hendricks' Cocktail Buffet is daily from 5-9pm, $60nett (on Sat & Sun from 6-9pm).

More photos can be found on our Facebook page Rach X Rella

For more information about Sauce Bar go to; follow them on Facebook at;Twitter at @SauceBar; Instagram at @SauceBar_SG to get the latest updates and promotions!

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  1. Thank you Wendy for coming! PS. My favourite is also the No.2 mixer.